which hair styling tools ranking first?3 best hair styling tools

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By Fiora

which hair styling tools ranking first?Let's see the 3 best hair styling tools !


Revlon 3 Barrel Jumbo Waver with Ceramic

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I LOVE this! I originally bought the Hot Tools triple gold barrel waver but when I used it, it made my hair look frizzy! I know it is because my hair is really thick and the barrels on that one are really small. So I went ahead and purchased this one where the barrels are at least double the size. I was not disappointed! I didn't even use any hair spray and this worked like a charm! And since the barrels are large, it really easy to find where you last left off. I ended up with beautiful long lasting waves all day ! I even slept on it and woke up the next day with my hair almost exactly the way it was right after I finished waving it. Awesome product, no doubt once this one quits working I will repurchase another one!

Review by lbarnold: i LOVE this!! makes my hair look sooo pretty!! and i have long thick hair, and it took less than 15 minutes!! so impressed!!

Review by blacklittlepig: LOVE IT! I'd been contemplating buying this for 3 weeks and I finally got it. Took 2 hrs to wave my whole head because my arm got tired, and I ate during. Amazing. Got really hot, the waves stuck, and it makes my hair look thicker and fuller. I don't have the jumbo, just the regular but it still got the job done.

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Unlisted Brand Tangle Teezer

Review by tetrakis: This little magic brush is amazzing!!
If only it had been around when I was younger.I have really thick hair that easily gets knotted and lets just say over the years I have broken many a hair brush.
But now after washing my hair I run this thru my hair and tangles disappear and even the condition of my hair has vastly imrpoved since investing in this.
You can buy them in toy stores as well as hair salons.Mine cost ?10!Money well spent.

Review by sjcsmall: Okay people, this brush is going in my will along with a few other beauty hg's. I read a bunch of the reviews and decided to give it a try. I now don't buy anything without consulting mua first lol.
I didn't think it was accomplishing much since it didn't 'pull' like a normal brush. Well, I ran my fingers through my very long waist length hair and to my enjoyment....not a snarl to be found!
I have very fine, very long hair that just loves to tangle up if I even think about a knot. I've tried soooo many different products and brushes but I will never buy another 'regular' brush ever ever again :)
I plan on using on my 2 year old as well, she has fine curly hair that tangles occasionally. You gotta start em early :)
I bought the insanely bright pink version. I am going to snatch up the purse version as soon as sallys gets it back in stock....i've checked 3 times :(

Review by CherryBlossom03: I went to the hairdressers today and after she washed my hair she started commbing through it and it had lots of knots so she pulled out one of these and it just slid through, i was amazed and had to get one.
They told the normal shaped ones and also a flower-pot one , which the brush is in the shape of a flower and underneath is a pot where you can put bobby pins and such (this one was designed for little girls- im 17 but i love it,its so cute) i use this everyday after i egt out the shower and my hair is alittle damp and it never pulls. its amazing.
i would repurchse- if my one broke of got over-used.

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Conair Infiniti You Curl No Clamp Curling Iron

Review by kitten75: So easy to use. I suck at using traditional curling irons..the clamp...always leaves kinks at the ends of my hair. This one is so easy to use and leaves beautiful wavy curls. I got mine at Target for 29.99 and it came with a free 10 gift card to Target. Lol. The glove does not fit snugly on the 3 fingers and slips off.

Review by ninanina: This product is amazing, i've owned quite a few hair curlers and none of them give me results like this one. My curls come out gorgeous and i'm able to curl my hair in 20 mins. I have very fine thin wavy hair (and lots of it) that never holds the curl the way i want it to. With this i can create the look i've always wanted. I was skeptical about buying a conair iron because i never liked conair styling tools. I was about to buy the Enzo Milano but didn't wanna spend 130 bucks on a curling iron. I did my research and saw such great reviews on the conair and decided to order it. No complaints so far =)

Review by mashafromrussia: Love this!!!!! My hair is crazy hard to curl, and on a whim today I purchased this, and LOVE it! I'm amazed that my curls lasted all day (it was even raining here today-no jokes!) I would totally suggest this to anyone!! : )

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