which hair styling ranking first?3 top hair stylings

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which hair styling ranking first?Let's see the 3 top hair stylings !


Redken So Long Heat Treat

Review by lbarnold: Is this supposed to smell like salad dressing? Thousand Island, I believe. It did add a little texture...but I'm not sure if this is what it was supposed to do. Not too much conditioning; just a little greasy and crunchy. Had to swap this one away.

Review by omegakitty: **My hair type is thin color treated (light blonde) with oily roots and dry ends** The first time i used this my hair felt a little stiff, but after giving it a few more tries using less product.. it seems to help with keeping my split ends down and my ends less fried after using a curling iron and flat iron. The smell is awful but it doesnt last. Great product to get a sample size spray in. :)

Review by francesca39: I just recently purchased a ceramic flat iron and I'm on the prowl to find a HG status heat protective product, I've tried several and this so far has been the best, it's a tad heavy but it seems to be protecting. It also leaves your hair very soft without the horrible crunchy feel to it that some of the other sprays leave.

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Brocato Shimmer Spray

Review by navarre: Big raves from me on this one! I have the gold and the silver, and adore these! I love that this a pump style, because it's easier to clean when the nozzle clogs up, which with any glitter spray is bound to happen. The glitter particles are super fine and just make my hair glisten! It's pricey .. but this isn't something that I use regularly (just occasionally for a girls night out!) so it's not something I'll have to shell out for too often. It doesn't flake or migrate to my clothes, and stays put until I wash my hair again. Overall, big raves .. gorgeous product that's fun for adding a little *glam*!!

Review by kimby83: I love this stuff! I have the gold one and it gives my hair very pretty sparklies! You just shake the bottle so the glitter mixes in, it's like a snow globe, you have all the glitter on the bottom. It stays on my hair all day. You could even use it on your body for a nice glisten. The thing I can't stand is the glitter fallout onto my clothes...it's annoying. Other than that, I like this stuff a lot and it also smells really good.

Review by Stampy_76: My friend Robin told me about Brocato Shimmer? Platinum Spray. I always commented on what she had in her hair. It is a subtle, sparkling spray of platinum flecks. I use after styling to add a sexy glow that people will notice.

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Schwarzkopf Osis+ Thrill Fibre Gum

Review by blacklittlepig: My hair feels oily after this. I don′t like this at all. I have fine and limp hair. Best maybe for some other hair types

Review by funkybabe: Comes in a red metal container that looks pretty good. Easy to apply after rubbing the product between your palms. Not very sticky like a lot of gels and gums. And what does it do? On my (short, very soft) hair - absolutely nothing. Makes it a bit more greasy towards the end of the day, and that's just about it.

Review by fitnessa: My hairdresser recommended this to me when I recently cut bangs on my long hair. I'm glad she did, because this product really works wonders. I use it on dry hair, for creatating definiton on my long bangs, and all over for a bit of texture. It gives a medium hold and a bit of shine too. But be careful, only use a tiny amount and add it if necessary. Too much can leave your hair looking greasy. I gave it 4 lippies, because I haven't used any similar products that I can compare it to.

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