which hair styling ranking first?3 recommended hair stylings

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By Stella

which hair styling ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended hair stylings !


Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil

Review by Jaie: I can't believe I haven't reviewed this product yet.... I have been using it for about 10 months or more and this stuff is seriously great. I have since purchased the One 'N Only brand of argan oil and I prefer the Organix version, the OnO kind is too greasy, even if I only use the slightest amount my hair feels like it needs a wash within a few hours. The Organix kind is the opposite. It really smooths out any frizz and makes my hair shiny and silky. The only thing thing that is better about the OnO brand Argan Oil is that the smell is amazing, I wish this stuff smelled the same way but it is not so important that I would take away a lippie over it. Overall, great product and very inexpensive. I plan on buying more products from this line and repurchasing this in the future.

Review by jules2064: Oh how dearly I wanted to love this product. I have wavy, frizzy and over processed hair. I find that putting this on at night on wet hair has no effect; and on dry hair before styling has minimal effects. I don't understand why it fails my hair but it truly does. I have zero added shine, but a little more manageability and softness. I have tried every amount possible, and if I get any added shine, my hair is weighed down to the point of being greasy. Also, I hate the bottle it comes in--I never seem to be able to get the right amount out of the bottle without crazy effort.

Review by Newme: I love this! I apply it on my damp hair and it leaves my dry ends feeling amazing all day long, the smell is great too, very subtle. However, use a little amount because it can make your hair oily if you use too much

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Got 2 Be 2 Sexy Voluptuous Volume Hairspray

Review by kerroppifreak: Been using this for 4 years, very effective product for the price. I spray this on the top of my head/crown area after using the matching mousse, and then I put in a butterfly clip to scrunch up the surrounding hair a certain way (however you want to style it) while the spray dries, this helps your hair dry into the shape you want it to stay. Does not flake or make hair overly stiff.

Review by GreeneyedGal: It is an ok spray. Doesn't smell amazingly, hold is on the stronger side, makes
hair a bit hard to the touch. But for an average styling it is one of the better low-end ones.

Review by London84: Great product!
Love the smell, the spray comes out evenly and in a nice manner--not too much or too little at a time.
Great hold and staying power.
Would definitely recommend!

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Aquage Beyond Shine

Review by bossanovaville: I absolutely LUV this product. I have tried many other products and this is the ONLY product that makes my hair shiny, really smooth, and not to forget super MANAGABLE( which is what I personally luv). It doesn't leave your hair greasy, or oily looking, plus it is super light and the fact that u can spray it on to get an even coverage makes it even better!

Review by sleepyone: My stylist recommended this product, and I was very hesitant because I hate the smell of Aquage shampoo and conditioner. But my word, this stuff is awesome. The smell is very faint, and I actually like it in this form. As a finishing spray, it adds incredible shine to my blonde highlights, and it doesn't weigh down my style. I just spray on a bit after hairspray (per stylist's instructions), and I'm set for the day. Highly recommend. I believe my can was 13.00.

Review by redheadjane: Fabulous product. Though this product contains alcohol, it does not dry my hair out. It has the same concept as the Biosilk Shine On, except Aquage Beyond Shine is beyond better than the Biosilk. The Aquage, when used in conjunction with my flatiron, transforms my very curly hair into a luxurious head full of smoothed-out, moisturized, silky soft locks. All without drying my hair out, making it oily, or weighing it down. The light, quality silicones, silk proteins, and sea complexes all help protect my hair from the high heat of my flatiron. The scent is so very nice AND this product is not tested on animals. So far and by far, this is one of the best styling products to ever touch my hair. 5+ luscious lipsticks.

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