which hair styling ranking first?3 effective hair styling

By Helen

which hair styling ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective hair styling !


D:fi d-struct pliable molding creme

Review by moth: This is the only hair product I use and I love it. Great hold and has a wonderful smell, and if I find I've lost some of the volume in my hair (I have an odd sort of gravity defying spiky style) all I have to do is go to the sink, make my hands damp and run them through my hair.

Review by munchlaxy: I love this product. It's light and has pretty strong hold. The smell is nice too. What I like most about this creme is it hydrates, making my hair shiny as well. This is welcome for hair that's very dry and frizzy from bleaching/coloring. It's not greasy, and makes my hair fuller and bouncier. Not expensive compared to other salon pastes, putties, and the like. Will buy again.

Review by Springncts: this product has a good smell. But i dont like it, it makes my hair look VERY greasy,

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Thermasilk Shine & Shape Gel

Review by AutumnBliss: Smells great and doesn't leave me hair stiff or sticky. Great for those days when I want to wear my hair curly.

Review by Cristy1970: I like this gel, it is good for keeping down the frizz in my hair. It also makes my hair shiny.

Review by minnielouse: Awesome stuff- makes my hair shiny and smooth- and shiny! WOW_ love it. NOt tacky or sticky and most of all no powder flakies that I get w/ some cheap gels.

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Aquage Uplifting Foam

Review by marsqurine: My stylist told me to buy this in order to make my hair have more volume at the roots. You spray it 3-4 inches away from you roots and then comb it through. It works fairly well, although I think I may be putting too much on. When she put it on in the salon, you could literally see my roots getting move volume. It was very expensive, but I'm inclined to think that it was worth it.

Review by isabellet: I love this product! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is the price (16). I have fine, flat hair and you spray this foam into your roots for lift - which it actually does! And it has decent staying power and only takes a little bit to work. Also, I love that you can spray it directly into your roots and save your hands from getting messy!

Review by liselise1: This is a great product for fine hair. I also love the Freezing Foam which is amazing. It has no conditioners and doesn't weigh down my fine strands. If I want a little more moisture, I add a touch of any mousse. Try it!

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