which hair styling is the best?3 easy to use hair stylings

By Stella

which hair styling is the best?Let's see the 3 easy to use hair stylings !


KMS Weightless Shine Spray

Review by pink_cosmos: I like the smell (it says berry vanilla). It makes my thick, coarse wavy hair managable. I don't think it gives a lot of shine to my hair, but definitely makes it feel silkier. It also control frizz.

Review by Angeline: I've been hooked on KMS products since using their Silker 2-in-1 ages ago, and this product is no exception. I have slightly longer than shoulder length curly hair, and most shine serums make my hair just look greasy. This product is exceptionally light - if you spray it onto the palm of your hand it feels like a dry oil spray - and has a lovely fresh scent. I usually scrunch through some L'Oreal Flexi-Fixx texturising cream, let my hair air dry, then, right before I leave the house, spray some of this through. It really does make my hair look gorgeous, without making it greasy.

Review by GreeneyedGal: I really like this stuff. It doesn't have a bad smell, it's not heavy, and I think it actually does control flyaways a little. It adds noticiable shine to my hair. I apply it to wet hair before I blow dry, and then again after my hair is dry. Spraying it far away from my hair and letting the mist "settle" helps it distribute better and look more natural. I definitely recommend this.

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TRESemme No Frizz Ultra Light Shine Spray

Review by tambien: Got this on sale for a bogo 50% off. My friend told me this spray was good so I decided to try it out since it was on sale anyway. Omg, this stuff is amazing. My hair has slight waves in the front and is straight in the back. I only blowdry my hair because I don't like dealing with straightening it afterwards. I sprayed this on damp hair, and I was so amazed! My hair looked like it was straightened after I blewdry it straight! No frizz! LOVE THIS STUFF! Reason why I took away a lippie is the packaging. I feel like the product leaks from the spray area. Maybe I got a defected bottle, but it gets kinda annoyed becase I would end up getting the bottle all oily from the product leaking out.

Review by Vaniessa: i got this on sale for 2, and i thought it would work really well, but it doesnt. the bottle always leaks, it smells disgusting, and only makes my hair a bit shinier. on a scale of one to ten, i would give this a 2.

Review by vengland: This spray is AMAZING!!! It made my hair so soft and shiny and when I sprayed it on dry hair and brushed it took away all my frizz. Def will repurchase especially since it was only 4 CAD.
Update. The product started to smell really chemically and the pump broke. Yuck.

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TRESemme Volume and Lift Mousse

Review by aznbebebabe: this is a great mousse! probably better than any other kind that i have probably paid way to much for. this is a great item to use either for just crown volume, or all over..works great for those of us with naturally wavy hair who air-dry. doesn't leave crunchy, but does leave a small amount of build up. -although that may be more me, using too much, or because i air-dry

Review by spitfireseven: I bought this yesterday as i am a religious fan of the hairspray and after taking out my hair extensions my hair is left flat and very thin. the mousse absorbed quickly did not leave my hands sticky, and after reading the instructions it said to blowdry hair upside down, when my hair was all dry it looked bouncy, very volumised, very soft and natural looking and smelt gorgeous, would definately buy this again :)

Review by bastet: This has a great light scent and leaves no residue. The mousse is rich and thick. But I prefer 24 hour body mousse more. This doesn't provide any volume whereas 24 hour body mousse does.

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