which hair styling is the best?3 best hair styling

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By Elena

which hair styling is the best?Let's see the 3 best hair styling !


J.F. Lazartique Hair Volumizing Tonic

Review by London84: Ok, this is my holy grail volumizer. So long to mousses that gave body but induced stringy separation or crispiness to my fine, straight, all-one-length hair, goodbye crappy sprays that heave hair flat -- this stuff makes it look like I was born with twice as much hair.
I just spray it all over my damp hair (focusing on roots), comb through, and blow dry and it looks perfect every time. What's more, it leaves my hair feeling soft -- like there's no product in it at all.
If only it were easier to find...

Review by ooliedonna: I LOVE that it's a spray rather than a mousse. Mousse tends to dry my hair and make it clumpy. Yes, this product is expensive, but secretly that's another reason I love it....it makes it more exclusive. ;)

Review by KateN: PROS: great volumizing product; CONS: expensive; COMMENTS: find this easier to use than the volumizing products you have to direct toward your scalp

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Rusk Wired - Multiple Personality Styling Cream

Review by LuiLui: I like this cream- it smells a little masculine, but it keeps my long, curly hair tamed and soft... also pliable. I tend to use this when I know I can shower that night- this cream + bedhead = TANGLES galore.

Review by taurusgurl5984: I rediscovered this about a month or two ago. I have baby fine, thin, wavy/curly hair. I use Ouidad Climate Control gel first to activate more curl, and then I put a small amount of this (maybe the size of a nickel) on the top half (and especially into the roots). I have been having good hair days all the time now! I have body in my hair! I find the body lasts into the second day. Typically on the second day I curl my hair with a curling iron to touch up curls, and I am good to go. I am going to stock up on this in case they would ever discontinue it!

Review by CherryBlossom03: Does smell mannish...like men's cologne and ivy. Personally I think that it smells sexy. But who cares? It works! I use this to tame my terrible chemically processed ends on a very piece-y style I have. The hair clings together like I want, but doesn't look or feel greasy at all. And it shines like it's healthy. Also, a little goes a looong way, so I may have this tube forever. Very very pleased with this product.

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Physique Curl Creating Gel

Review by blyss: I LOVE this stuff. I've tried almost every gel with the word "curl" in it out there, and I keep coming back to this stuff. I have fine, long, 3B hair and this is the only stuff that (when used with styling cream) gives me awesome definition, hold, frizz control, and shine. I diffuse to about 50% dry, then let it air dry the rest of the way and scrunch out the crunchiness and I'm left with gorgeous curls. The only con is that the cost adds up; I have very long hair so I have to use a lot of the gel and the tube isn't very big. Then again, I've spent way more money on stuff that didn't work so I guess I can't complain.

Review by francesca39: I found this at a dollar store and figured that I had nothing to lose. This product didn't create any curls for me, but I didn't expect it to as my hair is COILY (think Lenny Kravitz) and not CURLY . However, I thought that this product may aid in coil definition/fuzz reduction. It was okay. Not terrible, not awesome, but just OKAY.

Review by drusilladru: This is a miracle product for my hair - I agree that it's a bit expensive, but I'd pay double the price for the results I get! I mix a nickel-sized dollop with a pea-sized drop of styling cream (I use John Frieda Secret Weapon), scrunch through towel-dried hair, wrap small sections of hair around a finger all over head, let air dry without touching it. My fine, wavy hair is transformed into soft, bouncy, gorgeous curls - looks so cute, and they're not kidding about the "20-hour styling" guarantee - my hair still looks fabulous the next morning!

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