which hair styling is good?3 popular hair stylings

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By Tifanny

which hair styling is good?Let's see the 3 popular hair stylings !


Rusk deepshine phyto-marine lusterizer

Review by jamelia: This is such a great product! The smell is amazingly clean yet unique. It provides high shine with out being greasy. Using a little in damp hair helps to moisturize as well. Says can be used on damp or dry hair, and I find that it has the best payoff on dry hair.

Review by aguskl: This stuff stinks like no other! Or I think it does. I guess it does make my hair smooth though.

Review by joheinous: This stuff is great for adding a bit of oomf to any hair. It looks and feels like a lotion before you put it in your hair but once you put it in, it's very light and just adds amazing shine and a little texture. Smoothes away all the fly aways. It smells good, too. You can put it in your hair wet or dry. Works equally as well both ways. More of a conditioner wet, more of a styling aid/shiner dry. GREAT for color treated hair.

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Kiehls Creative Cream Wax

Review by ciarar: I got this after reading about this in a magazine. I have fine, super straight Asian hair that has difficulty holding any style because it's so slippery. THis product gives me hair some grip while remaining totally lightweight and not weighing down my hair AT ALL. I use it on my ends (put a dab on my palms and rub together to emulsify) before blow drying so that the round brush will better grab my hair and hold a curl. I also use it when I tie a pony tail or half up-do. It gives it great grip but I cannot feel it at all when I run my fingers through my hair. It has a thick paste texture, but it really truly disappears into my hair without a trace. It wasn't too expensive and a little goes a long way. I'd definately repurchase!

Review by Sybil84: I picked this up recently based on the high ratings for this and I can't say that I'm even remotely attached to it. I'm a junkie for pomades and am always on the prowl for a great product to give me a "piecey" texture without being too heavy for my fine hair. For my hair texture and length though, this is pretty much a nightmare. It's entirely too thick and has so little "slip" that it actually pulls hairs out in the process. It did give some piecey-ness, however the performance wasn't impressive enough to warrant the negatives for me. This product would probably be more suited to someone with either thicker hair, or a shorter length. Definitely a no-go for my hair.

Review by cosmokid: I was on a business trip in humid St. Louis and in Nordstrom, needed something to piece out my short POB. I almost went for the FF spray, but then I remembered Kiehls has hair products. Holy Grail, I love this stuff, instant hold, looks great, not oily. Well worth the 15. As of right now, yes I would buy this again. I was so excited to see a 100% approval rating on this product, just had to add mine. :)
EDIT: This is headed back to Nordstrom. I can get the Paul Mitchell Wax Works for half the price and it does a much better job. I am impressed with the hairspray though.

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TRESemme Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray

Review by betsyab: I pick this up at Sally's for 2.79 thinking, "What do I have to loose at this price?" Well, this hairspray is awesome! It's exactly like my beloved Sebastian Shaper Plus with a tiny bit more hold. It has super natural flexible hold, no flakes, and easy to brush through after it's sprayed on. I use it to hold straight flatironed slighly curled ends, and it's great! It doesn't look or feel like I am wearing any hairspray. I was loving this, but the chemically smell kept making sneeze. The smell lingers in my hair all day, and I'm sensitive to fragrance, so in the trash this hairspray goes.

Review by francesca39: HG hairspray! I no longer buy my beloved Shaper since this is 1/3 of the price and gives the same hold without the terrible smell. This doesn't have a lovely smell but smells like typical hairspray.
Unlike a previous reviewer who said that her stylist always coats her hair in hairspray, I've always had the opposite problem. I am a child of the 80's and the use of tons of hairspray has been ingrained in me (think Jhirmack Scrunch [or was is Sprunch?] Spray--the original in the 80's that smelled like raspberries, came in the pump bottle and would hold your layered, curling ironed, picked out and up hair throughout the whole day and night)--I hate when stylists give me that little *pssst, pssst*--what is that going to hold?
Well then I discovered Shaper and no longer needed to gob on the hairspray, and now I've discovered this for much cheaper!

Review by moth: Great hairspray. Smells funky but what hairspray doesn't nd besides I've had way worse (L'Oreal Elnett). Anyways this works great and is very light on my hair so it doesn't feel gunky. Plus it was on sale for 3.99 so thats evem better. 5 Lippies

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