which hair products ranking first?3 top hair products

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By Tifanny

which hair products ranking first?Let's see the 3 top hair products !


Finesse Curl Defining Mousse

Review by Loriwong: Leaves my curls bouncy and soft- i would definitely re-purchase!!

Review by franjipany: Thanks to Sweetpeacali for recommending this mousse to me. It is rather strange that a mousse can define the curls and soften the hair simultaneously, but this product can totally manage to create gorgeous curls with no frizz and stiffness. I think this is one of the best products for curly people. Highly recommended if you are sick of curling lotions and etc that makes your hair stiff and crunchy.

Review by ooliedonna: This stuff is great doesn't leave my hair crunchy and sticky like pantene curling gel and spray or like loreal curl boostin spray. Def use this on wet hair to give u that defined curl look. No matter how much mousse I apply my hair still is manageably soft easy to style. Great product will def repurchase. Rite aid these week has it for 2.99 plus 2.00 single check rebate so it like your really paying 99cents awesome for the quality this product gives!

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Kerastase Chroma Thermique

Review by Sybil84: Damnit- loved chromo polish...thought I would try the new product .This stuff is no good. Oh it looks pretty on my crystal cake stand full of overpriced crap I got suckered into. My wavy underneath flat on top hair sat flatter than normal...I think this stuff made me look fat too.=)
Argh..I shall return to Rusk phytomarine lusterizer...tail between legs......it's great I recommend trying it

Review by mulhollanddrive: Wanted to like this?really did. I purchased it (over my usual Ciment Thermique) in an effort to obtain more shine. All I really got was hair that fell flatter and greasier faster. Only upside was the smell (amazing) and the packaging (a lot easier to dispense than Ciment Thermique). I will agree with the other reviewer that says that this product is great the first time you use it, but it then starts to ?build-up? on your hair?like a cumulative layer?and not a good one. I only really started to notice this when I began getting my hair done at the salon, and saw that my hair wasn?t falling flat as quickly, despite my stylist?s zealous use of product. I guess this would work for people with more hair than I have, although I?ve got a lot ? and it?s curly, coarse, and unruly. This stuff just isn?t worth it ? I?ll stick to HG Ciment Thermique.

Review by mz654: I used this twice. The first time I really liked it but the second time it seemed to leave build up on my hair. It may be a cumulative effect because the instructions say it lasts through 5 shampoos so I think it does build up. Needless to say, I didn't like the way my hair felt the second time. It felt like something was coating it. I won't try again.

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Aquage Straightening Ultragel

Review by dontblink15: I have long thick curly hair. Aquage straightening ultragel is the best product I have tried for straightening my hair. I think the addition of silicone really makes a difference. Other products (and I've tried a bazillion) have left my hair feeling greasy or matted (caked with product). Aquage also seems to protect my hair from the heat of blow dryers and flat irons. Great stuff. I only wish it came in a larger bottle with a pump - sometimes it's difficult to get the gel out when the bottle is about 25% full.

Review by Elixir: This is my absolute HG straightening gel. I used this religiously on my shoulder length, naturally wavy hair, and it did an amazing job of making my hair soft and smooth. It is very concentrated, so it only takes a little bit each time (I used about a nickel-size amount). Never weighed my hair down or made it look greasy. I have since moved on to another straightening gel, and let me just say-- it makes me miss this soo much! So much in fact, that I am thinking about buying a new tube of it tomorrow!! Would definitely repurchase :)

Review by AokiJ: I first tried this at the salon when my hair stylist used it in my hair. As soon as she blow dried my hair I could tell it was much smoother and easier to brush through. Without some product, my hair gets super poofy and frizzy. I bought a tube that day. It's pretty pricey for me, but I might buy it again. I guess I should add that it's also really not like a "gel," it doesn't make my hair crunchy or anything like that.

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