which hair products is the best?3 recommended hair products

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By Monica

which hair products is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended hair products !


Curl Friends replenish - leave in conditioner

Review by cosmokid: This stuff is amazing.
Let me just say I hate the rest of the curl friends line, except for this. It does what no other leave in conditioner does for me, completely eliminates frizz! I have extremely THICK curly hair, and I am always a hot frizzy mess.
As someone else said, this styles as well as conditions. I only shampoo my hair about 2x a week, but I use it on a daily basis to keep my hair conditioned and frizz free.
This is the only styling product I use (unless I'm going out somewhere requiring a fancy hairdo and lots of hair spray ;) ). Otherwise this does the trick, defines my curls, and eliminates any and all frizz. Perfect :)

Review by sophie_tan: LOVE this stuff - not too heavy and not too light - and you only need teh tinest amount - it does seem kind of expensive ( i think 25 for the 4 oz jar) but i think it's really worth it
i have wavy hair and this helped it get "piecey"when i air dry it and not just a big frizzball anymore :)

Review by zhenya: Most leave-in conditioners are way to light and watery for my thick, coarse, curly hair. This stuff is nice and creamy, I actually feel like I'm getting some benefit from using it. It helps me use less product when blowing out my hair. Very nice! I would prefer that it was packaged in a squeeze tube instead or a tub, but that's hardly worth complaining about. Smells nice too.

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Phyto Phytospecific Relaxer Index 1

Review by quantumkitten: This is my Holy Grail relaxer. I've tried lye and no-lye and I will forever stick with Phyto. I used #2 for a few years, but just recently learned that #1 actually does much better in my hair. It's gentler and still gets my hair bone straight, and I have 4a/b hair. I will have to say I don't agree that it's like a texlaxer; I have a kinky (not curly) texture and I can get bone straight if I leave it in for a tad longer than the directions state. I never have any scalp irritation or burning, and that in itself is worth the price. Not to mention my hair stays healthy and grows, grows, grows. I'm sticking with Phyto for as long as I choose to relax my hair.

Review by lorraine07: I love this relaxer! I have been getting my hair relaxed since I was a teenager and have had MANY bad experiences! Too many burns and hair breakage....this product has completely revitalized my hair. It looks healthier, feels softer, and most importantly doesn't come out as much- all the while doing the job of straightening out my crazy hair!
The salon where I go uses the product, but I also have purchased online to apply myself. I will say, that if you've never applied a relaxer yourself the PhytoSpecific relaxers are a little tricky and probably aren't for first time self-applied relaxer uses.
Worth EVERY single penny!

Review by funkybabe: I have been on this site for years and NEVER felt the need to review anything but I have to this time! I have struggled with lots of thin delicate very curly hair for years! Phyto 1 does exactly as promised...I was nervous at first as have never relaxed and couldn't see how my hair would not be damaged - but is wasn't. However I followed the instructions religiously and conditioned intensely about 5 times before doing it to be on the safe side. Now I can wash and leave my hair and it is smooth and shiny and wavy, but still with a bounce to it! I love this product!! No more curly frizzy mess..well worth the price tag.

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Matrix Biolage - Shine Renewal

Review by kitkat85: My hair is usually so dull and lifeless, but Matrix's Biolage Shine Renewal turned my hair into the belle of the ball, if that a good comparison. It's light, and great because you can just spray it on and ta-da great silky, smooth, shiny hair without being weighed down or oily. This is one product I will definitely repurchase.

Review by LuiLui: One lippie off b/c it's in a spray pump bottle so sometimes you can't get an even spray. I love this spray b/c it provides great shine that's healthy looking and not greasy. I have naturally shiny hair and use this to add just a touch. It makes my hair smooth and I find it helps keep frizz in control. Love this product and highly recommend it.

Review by pinkiiish: i found this product to work extremely well! it gave a really nice shine to my hair although i had to make sure i misted the product from far away because if it gets too close, it'll make my hair grease like crazy! also, the smell REALLY wasn't to my liking, which made me take off a lippie. so i probably wouldn't repurchase because of the scent however the results were really nice.
i'm gnna try chi silk infusion when i decide to get either a sedu or ghd because i heard it makes your hair silky smooth AND has a nice scent (:

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