which hair products is the best?3 good hair products

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By Monica

which hair products is the best?Let's see the 3 good hair products !


The Healing Garden Mint Shampoo and Conditioner

Review by amystar: These have been long discontinued and I am so upset. I have thick curly hair and these products were the best thing I ever tried. They were tingly on my scalp, which I like because it wakes me up, and even just using the shampoo alone my hair was tangle free and smooth. I could never just use a a shampoo alone with any other brand, I wouldn't be able to get a comb through it. This are so rare, I can't even find them on ebay. These were from the original mintheraphy line, which smelled so good - like spearmint combined with peppermint, and all products were discontinued. The healing garden put out a new Fresh Mintheraphy line but it smells nothing like the original, in fact the new line smells like crap.

Review by meeshmu: I bought the conditioner on sale. the scent is very overpowering and makes me sick. it doesn't even feel like i used conditioner afterwards. this stuff went in the trash.

Review by funkybabe: I love this stuff. The conditioner especially. It makes your hair tingle and feel cool. It's great for hot summer days. I strongly suggest it! The packaging is adorable. It looks like little wine bottles.

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Unlisted Brand Agadir Hair Oil

Review by Cristy1970: I bought this product based on Argan oil recs in productville, and let me say this is why I LOVE MUA!!! Agadir oil makes my hair SO SOFT and it DOES cut down on drying time (like other reviews have mentioned). My hair is half way down my back and I put about a quarter size of the oil in my wet hair and blew it dry and styled as usual. It soaks right in and there is NO OILY residue. Frizzies gone! I will repurchase!

Review by jamelia: MMMMMM smells so fresh and exotic! I have only tried it once but WOW my coarse, wavy hair felt amazingly soft and silky, I couldn't stop touching it. My hair smelled delicious and fresh for two days after! Really happy with this purchase. My stylist uses the brand Moroccan oil on my hair but I get better results from this brand. Works better on my hair than Loma Pearatin.

Review by liselise1: Use everyday wet or dry. I have been a hairstylist for 5 years and all of my clients take this product home. It smells amazing and makes your hair look and feel better than it ever has. Safe on all textures!

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Phyto Phytomist

Review by misswillow: This isn't bad. I have tried a lot of leave-ins for my hair because it tends to get very tangled. My hair is medium-long, wavy, and fine, and has extensive damage from too much coloring. I actually like the smell of this product - it's floral, almost like rose. The smell really lingers. The product doesn't weigh down my hair at all. It does an OK job detangling. I like that it has sunblock built in. However, I won't buy this again because I discovered another similarly priced product that works much better: Rene Furterer's Okara dual phase leave-in. The latter has a better smell and is much more moisturizing and detangles better, also without adding weight.

Review by didion0312: I have bought this twice before in the past. When I use it after a break it makes my colour treated hair feel super soft and easy to blow dry, but this effect seems to diminish after I use it continually every day. Pricey stuff but for fine hair I think it works well. I also like Khiels Shine and light groom but they seem to have discontinued the "light" groom. Am very tempted to repurchase Phytomist in the future.

Review by kitten75: this actually works to make my waves "pump up". it amplifies the waves and also helps to calm any fly-aways i may have. i love this product so much and have always tried to find a less expensive alternative, but to no avail! it does not contain any alcohol (that i can see) and so does not leave my hair sticky or crunchy...just soft and wavy. there is no alternative to this product and i will continue to purchase it for as long as it is manufactured!

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