which hair conditioner ranking first?3 top hair conditioner

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By Sara

which hair conditioner ranking first?Let's see the 3 top hair conditioner !


Philip B. White Truffle Nourishing Hair Conditioning Creme

Review by blueaygi: In LOVE with this. Holy Grail - call off the search. But there's a downside .. soooooooo expensive. It's wonderful on the scalp too - your head feels refreshed and nourished as well as your hair. I like that. I also really liked the Kevin Murphy products,

Review by rebec75: This is the greatest conditioner in the history of conditioners - PERIOD! The biggest regret of my life is not stocking up on this when it was at TJ Maxx (if anyone wants to swap theirs, or knows of a TJ's/Marshalls that is still selling this, please let me know!) Anyways, I'm not sure how to describe it other than it completely transformed my hair when I was using it...so soft and full, utterly moisturized without greasiness or weight. Truly amazing stuff, but I rarely spend 75 on anything let alone a hair conditioner.

Review by blyss: This conditioning creme is both insanely expensive and extraordinary. Smells divine, makes hair soft and adds tremendous volume. I have used many high-end conditioners - Fekkai, Kerastase, etc. but this conditioning creme is in a different league. If you can buy this for less than the full price then grab it while you can. Otherwise, it is still worth purchasing - you only need use a small amount so a tube should last a while - and it will transport your hair to another dimension...

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Philosophy entangled

Review by Carrie: I love this product. It smells great and got all the tangles out of my hair quickly. It is one of the best detanglers I've used!

Review by ooliedonna: If you need a good daily conditioenr that won't weigh your hair down but makes it as soft as can be, then this is the conditioner for you. It is lightweight, but conditions well, even inthe cold, dry winter months. It smells like oranges, so if smell is important when looking for a conditioner, you'll like this. The quality is just as good as salon products, and it costs about the same too.

Review by Cygentte3: I love the scent of this conditioner. It reminds me of an orange push-up or something. It also left my wayward frizzy-curly-wavy hair nicely untangled and lightly conditioned. I only wish there was a shampoo to go along with it. The conditioner was thin which was my only real complaint but I still gave it the highest marks. I really recommend it!

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Alberto Vo5 Blackberry Sage Tea Conditioner

Review by peachy905: This smells amazing and works brilliant as a leave-in for me. There is no frizz and my hair doesn't lose any volume. My hair doesn't feel like it has any residue and it makes it nice and soft which is a plus. If you have curly hair or dry hair, try styling with these. I notice a big difference in the amount of moisture my hair holds.

Review by Pinki: I normally don't buy stuff this cheap for my hair, but I am so glad I did. I have naturally curly, dry hair, so I only shampoo every other day, but condition every day. I also leave my conditioner in my hair every day, I just squeeze the extra water out and then leave it in to style since my hair is so dry. So I bought this conditioner trying to save a little money and wow I'm so glad I did. My hair looks so pretty when I use this. Its like a guaranteed good hair day when I condition with this! It leaves my curls extra curly and I still have nice volume and it lasts all day! You should absolutely try this, you won't be disappointed!!!

Review by tetrakis: I love this conditioner for my thick density, wavy, 2a/2b hair. The condtioner is light weight but moisturizing. I think it would be great for girls who CO wash. It has no cones or proteins. I love the scent nd would love to find a perfume that smells like this. I even use this as a deep conditioning treament with stuff added in. I take 1/4 cup of this conditioner and add 1 T aloe vera gel,1 T honey, 4 drops safflower oil and 4 drops argan oil and leave in for 20-30 min.

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