which hair conditioner ranking first?3 recommended hair conditioners

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By Sara

which hair conditioner ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended hair conditioners !


Bath and Body Works soyflower conditioner

Review by joheinous: I like the organic, simple packaging of this conditioner, and the smell...but that's where it stops. I feel like this conditioner makes my hair super tangly, and there isn't enough of that clean hair slip.

Review by meeshmu: I've been loving the BBW haircare line lately, it really has improved so much. I must say that my hair never smells like shampoo, even if I let it air dry. With this conditioner, my hair smells wonderful all day long. It really make my frizzy hair feel soft and look nice and shiny. Big huge rave from me on this one!! :o )

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I really like the smell of the conditioner and shampoo. The conditioner leaves my hair soft, but not weighed down. In fact, my hair seems fluffier after using both. I haven't felt the need to do a "deep" conditioning since using this product. A little expensive, but a nice treat!

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John Frieda Beach Blonde Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner

Review by Keva: I really like the scent of this. And it feels good and makes my hair easy to comb and smooth and shiny, but....this is a big BUT....it makes my shoulders and back break out. No can do. Not worth it. Even if I scrub my shoulders and back after I rinse the stuff out, I stilll get pimples from it. Not a winner for me.

Review by fitnessa: I bought this after reading about it in one of my magazines. I do not have blonde hair, I actually have very dark brown hair, but the magazine said you do not have to have blonde hair to use this. It comes in a cool looking light green bottle. It has a nicle slightly minty scent and really feels great in my hair. I have dry hair that is a royal pain to brush through and this really cuts down on all the knots without weighing my hair down. It makes my hair feel full and look so shiny and bouncy. Rave from me!

Review by lizbert: I am a conditioner ADDICT. This seemed to be the only conditioner i've never tried when i spotted it in a clearance for 4 in a beauty store. I just washed/conditionerd/dried/flat ironed my hair ( blond highlighted and thin).well it is AMAZING!! It made my hair SUPER soft and very shiny! it isn't heavy nor weighed down as some conditioners do to my thin hair. I love it! I read that this conditioner is discontinued, oh well..I definitely do recommend it.

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Suave Suave Professionals Healthy Curls Conditioner

Review by sjcsmall: This conditioner is just OK. The scent is nice and fresh but it didn't do much for my abundant curls. I had to de-tangle as usual with my wide tooth comb and leave it on for 5 minutes or more, if not it does absolutely nothing. It's not a godsend. The conditioner is too light and lacking moisturizing power. Works fairly well but I do not agree with the 90% positive reviews here. Sorry!

Review by Jaie: I'm so happy I picked this up as an impulse buy, lol! This conditioner is great for my fine, very wavy-to-almost-curly hair. It moisturizes it just enough without weighing it down, helps tame frizz and actually does seem to help my curls dry into a nicer form. The scent is a tad on the masculine side, but it doesn't linger so don't let that deter you.

Review by guitarzan: I really like this product. My hair is very curly, yet fine and a little thin. It helps keep the curls curly without frizzing, and doesn't weigh it down at all. I am not crazy about the fragrance. I would like to see them offer some alternate fragrances maybe something like their regular conditioners in aloe or rasberry. Overall good product and great price.

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