which hair conditioner ranking first?3 popular hair conditioner

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By Stella

which hair conditioner ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular hair conditioner !


John Frieda Straight Ahead conditioner

Review by Farra: I've just started using it, so not sure on the long term, but I've had a lot of trouble with frizz and fly-aways and this conditioner has helped a lot so far, without weighing my hair down or making it oily (on the contrary, it feels nice and light and bouncy). It's not too expensive so it's worth a shot.

Review by wunverdoll: I have both the shampoo and conditioner. I noticed quite a difference immediately. My hair is natually thick, poofy, fluffy, frizzy, somewhat curly or wavey, unmanageable...in other words I make a great "guinea pig" for hair smoothing/straightening products. Please trust me when I say this stuff works! After the very first use, it made that frizz and curl straighten out to a smoother, easier to manage head of hair. Now it's not a miracle worker, I still blow out my hair and use my flat iron of course, but it makes a big difference when you use a good shampoo/conditioner that's specialized for your hair needs.

Review by jamelia: this is the best conditioner I've tried and stands on its claims.it realy makes my hair smooth,less frizzy(not completelly frizz free but helps alot) easy to style and glossy.very good prior to flat ironing.it really gives my hair a silky glossy finish.I took one lippie off though becouse its kinda pricey comparing to the amount of product you get but I would repurchase

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Philosophy Shear Splendor Age Defying Conditioning Mask

Review by lbarnold: Looks like I'm one of the few here that actually loves this product. I bought the trial kit that included the poo/this mask and the hair marinade, which I haven't tried yet. I love, love, love this mask. It smells like lemon custard icing (yum). It's ultra thick and detangles like a dream. I'm not exactly crazy about the shampoo, but I've only used it 1x so I can't pass judgement until I have used it a few more times.

Review by cosmokid: I bought the Crisis Intervention kit which has this, the shampoo and the hair marinade. It smells nice and definitely does a good job conditioning, but after a month or so of continual usage, my hair wasn't in any better condition than with any other decent line of products. It's good, but it isn't the best I've ever used.

Review by i_darling: This conditioner left my color treated, heat damaged hair, silky and shiney. I applied it after my Neutrogena Triple Moisture Shampoo, left it in for 3 or 4 minutes and then rinsed. My wet hair felt smooth, but it wasn't until my hair was dry and styled that the real difference was noticed. My hair was easy to style and manage, and frizz was minimized. All this after one use! This conditioner smells clean and there is no lingering chemical or fruity smell in your hair. I will definitely re-purchase this product.

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Pantene Winter Rescue Daily Moisture Renewal

Review by Alexis: Fabulous conditioner (it does build up, though, so be sure to clarify regularly)
My only complaint is it gave me terrible body breakouts...it doesn't rinse off skin easily and clogs pores...so when using this, you need to buy a clarifying shampoo, and some neutrogena body clear....still worth it?
I'd buy it again IF it didn't cause the breakout problem. So...I move on to another type of consitioner.

Review by labelslut: I remember this delightful, now discontinued, product. Before I ever used salon quality products, I considered this the best conditioner for my hair. It was surprisingly potent considering the price. They just had to discontinue this gem. They introduced a new product similar to the, 'Winter Rescue Daily Moisture Renewal', called, 'Daily Moisture Renewal', which quite frankly is an awful conditioner in comparison. I noticed the difference right after using it. My once smooth and strong feeling hair turned dry, rough, and frizzy.

Review by Jessimau: This is one of the best conditioners I've used; Pantene Winter Rescue leaves my hair light and silky soft instantly after one use and stronger over time. I like that it doesn't leave a slippery mess on my tub, too. Would definately recommend. For reference, I am asian with fine brownish-black hair that's been thermally reconditioned.

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