which hair conditioner ranking first?3 best-selling hair conditioner

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By Tifanny

which hair conditioner ranking first?Let's see the 3 best-selling hair conditioner !


Unlisted Brand The Egg Bomb

Review by Erin: So after reading all the great reviews I decided to try this out this weekend. I actually had to triple the recipe cause I have super long hair (little past half-way down my back) and suuper thick Indian hair. Its a bit messy putting it in, so definitely plan to clean your bathroom afterward! =o) As I was washing my hair I didn't notice anything different...didn't feel super soft or anything, BUT once I finish straighten ironing it, it looked AMAZING. It definitely has WAY more shine and is suuuuper soft. I will definitely be doing this at least twice a month! I LOVE how cheap all the ingredients are too! Thank you SO much for posting this concoction!!! =o)

Review by navarre: YAY EGG BOMB! I made a girlfriend give this a try with me so we could both compare results the next day, and you should see our hair! First of all it smells like cake batter, which is awesome. I have very, very long, thick hair, I try to take super good care of it, only use natural dye, but it can be quite unmanageable, so I just keep it in a bun most of the time. I did have to triple the recipe, and it still barely covered all my hair, but it was fun to do! At first I only noticed a silkier texture, but then I wore it down all day. After wearing it down I'm usually close to dreadlocks by the end of the day and have a heck of a time getting a brush through it. But it was barely tangled at all! Easy to brush is a dream come true! Thank you for posting this crucial recipe!

Review by peachy905: I've read somewhere that hair doesn't absorb egg protein as the molecules are too big.
Or something like that, don't remember and it's not important to this review more then as a clue to why I couldn't see this mask as something that actually would work, or be diffrent to a regular evoo deep treatment.
Well it helps for something! In some way, the egg brings extra moisture/protein/whatever and it sure makes a huge difference compared to just a pre wash oiling.
I've used different oils and honey before in treatments, and I'm supriced to say, but this mix of ingredients seems to cooperate REALLY well and it's an excellent alternative to more expensive masks.
It does strip color though, and it's messy, and smells -really- bad.
But you just can't have it all and for this price, availability and result, I will absolutely try it again.

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Suave Vanilla Floral Conditioner

Review by funkybabe: I adore the soft vanilla smell of the Vanilla Floral shampoo and conditioner. They are very cheap, yet work wonders on my long, highlighted hair that happily drinks up the moisture boost those two deliver. For those with hair similar to mine, I would recommend buying two bottles of the conditioner for every bottle of the shampoo--you will want to slather it on!

Review by coolRED: I loooooove the scent of this!! wouldn't it be great if it came in a body splash? Ahhh well.....i have fine hair but a lot of it and it sometimes gets a bit wild. This not only smells amazing but it makes my hair look so healthy and shiny without weighing it down. best of all, you can't beat the price!! Huge rave from me!! :o )

Review by kitkat85: This smells really wonderful. I got it on sale for 99 cents. It makes my hair look so shiny and feel realy soft.

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Thermasilk Smooth and silky conditioner

Review by JT14: Paired with the matching shampoo, this stuff turned my combination, fluffy, straight hair in to silk. My hair is VERY long and so the ends get very dry and brittle. This stuff protects my hair and leaves it soo soft and glossy:)

Review by lizbert: If this product weren't discontinued, I'd constantly buy this. This was the only conditioner that calmed my frizzy hair. As an Asian person, you'd think I would have the straight silky long black hair, but unfortunately I didn't get that gene. But this gave me that typical Asian hair look and i loved it because it was so much easier to manage.
I sometimes manage to find other thermasilk conditioners for like colored treated hair and such at markets, but only this particular one with the right amount of silk protein in it helped give me that sleek hair.

Review by LuiLui: Awesome smoothing and softening properties, this stuff really makes the hair smooth without any weigh down. The smell is wonderful and it is one of the best conditioners I have tried for smoothing my ever difficult to deal with wavy, fine hair. Great stuff!

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