which hair conditioner is the best?3 easy to use hair conditioner

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By Elena

which hair conditioner is the best?Let's see the 3 easy to use hair conditioner !


L'Occitane Apres-Shampooing Conditioner 5 Essential Oils

Review by taskeeng: The snap top on the bottle broke off quickly after a few months. I bought this conditioner on sale. Unfortunately the essential oil is too heavy for my porous asian hair. It didn't make my hair shine; rather, it weighed it down. When I went to my stylist, she complained that my hair was too greasy. Moving on to another product..

Review by dontblink15: This conditioner somewhat reminds me of the previous edition (3 essential oils instead of 5). L'Occitane claims that it is formulated with a natural vegetable complex of 5 essential oils (lavender, geranium, angelica, ylang ylang, patchouli). And yes, this conditioner does smell like when u're stepping into a spa..... the combination of scent is beautifully combined ~
I really like this conditioner as it did make my hair softer and it smells really good. It would be the one for you if you like aromatheraphy products.
However, for the price.....i believe that there are plenty drugstore brands out there that outperforms this or is on-par with L'Occitane. As much as I love the smell, and the fact that it does a rather decent job for a conditioner, I might not repurchase it again.

Review by belle2216: I have fine, wavy hair, and a lot of it. This conditioner did a great job of controlling frizz and made my hair soft and very shiny. The directions state to leave on from 1 to 5 minutes, I usually do about 3. I'd say it's on par with Phyto Phytocitrus defrisant conditioner. This conditioner did not make me break out, or weigh down my hair. The only drawback for me was the scent--it did have a spa-like vibe to it, but smelled a lot like tea tree oil (not a favorite scent of mine.) The scent did dissapate when my hair dried. I'd buy it again, as it would be nice to rotate with other products.
8.8oz retails for 29. Comes in tub-style packaging.

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John Frieda Dream Creme Instant Silkener

Review by IiIy: I'm actually selling this right now, but I still love it. It doesn't weigh hair down, it smooths flyaways, and makes hair feel like silk. Thumbs up.

Review by askewchick: I just bought a trial size version of this which should last me through the summer. It really makes my frizzy dry hair look healthy and shiny without weighing it down. I don't have blonde hair (in fact I have very dark brown hair) but I love this!

Review by srobinb: I bought this in the UK, where it seems to be called Gleam Creme. I liked the extra softness it gave my already-soft baby-fine sparse blonde hair, but I was relying on it recently to soften my hair, which was superdry, and it really did nothing. It failed to sort of penetrate the hair and just sat on top making it look lank and greasy. I would use this as a lightweight finishing product rather than a treatment for dry hair. I probably wouldn't repurchase, but would move on and seek out something better.

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Unlisted Brand Generic Value Products GVP Conditioning Balm

Review by DawnD: This product is a hair board favorite, and with good reason. It's very thick, moisturizing and detangling, and is cone-free. After use, my hair feels soft, flexible and healthy. It works just fine with the several shampoos I've tried it with, and I've used it as a leave-in on my tips without any gumminess or stickiness. Six dollars for a large bottle; light, inoffensive scent; thick texture that can be a little trying to squeeze from the bottle, so I store it on its side.
Will repurchase over and over. I strongly recommend you try this!

Review by lipstik: I really don't like this conditioner. It makes my long, fine hair mat and has no conditioning properties (for me at least). I know a lot of people love it, so I keep giving it a chance but with bad results every time. Edit: I've come back to this and it's working a lot better. I dilute it a bit so it's not so thick, but I'm finding it more moisturizing this time around.

Review by fuxxy: LOVE THIS! Yesterday morning i was ready to chop my hair off, i was so frustrated with how dry and crispy it was. Then i used this last night, let it sit for only about 15 mins and rinsed out, and i cannot believe how soft and shiny my hair is today. i literally cant stop touching it, this product is wonderful. im only kicking myself for waiting so long to pick it up!

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