which hair conditioner is the best?3 best hair conditioner

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By Stella

which hair conditioner is the best?Let's see the 3 best hair conditioner !


Kiss My Face Whenever Conditioner

Review by angelchan: This is a nice lightweight conditioner that can be used on a daily basis. It has a divine lime-y smell. It does a pretty decent job at conditioning my hair, but I have VERY thick hair so I probably need something more intense. I have to use TONS of conditioner to get it all covered, and even then the coverage isn't perfect. This is not the fault of the conditioner, it's just my hair. This is great product if you're looking for something reasonably light. I would buy this again but I think I need something more intense.

Review by labelslut: I really like this conditioner a lot. My hair is baby-fine, and can get weighed down easily. This conditioner is light yet get's all the tangles out. The smell reminds me of lime jello, which I'm not crazy about, but the scent doesn't really linger after. Rinses out nicely. I use this with KMF Big Body shampoo and I'm left with bouncy, shiny, healthy looking hair. All natural ingredients...what more could you ask for?

Review by edie4711: This is a nice creamy conditioner which is not very thick but very moisturizing for my thin/fine flyaway virgin hair. Smells great, rinse out easily and make hair super soft.This is the only conditioner that I can use as a leave in also, no matter how much I apply on wet hair it just sink in, never felt sticky hair like other leave in. I love everything about this conditioner, just wish they don't change the formula.

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Pantene Classic Care Conditioner

Review by munchlaxy: I was pleasantly surprised - did not expect much from this inexpensive common product. My hair was silky and detangled with no frizz or dryness. The only product that I have liked more is the Neutrogena triple moisture pack/mask.

Review by AokiJ: I used to have really dry and frizzy hair but after using this product it looks so much healthier.

Review by ooliedonna: This conditioner is fabulous! I always come back to Pantene Classic Care after cheating on it with other conditioners that I think might offer me greater fulfillment, and it never fails to give me shiny, silky hair. The silicones and panthenol formula is perfect for my long, thin-but-damaged hair. It does start to build up after a while, so I clarify once a week and that takes care of any potential brittleness and breaking. As much as I love their conditioners, I must throw in a warning that Pantene shampoos are crap and will strip your hair bigtime, so beware of them.

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Avon Advance Techniques Intense Repair

Review by kitkat85: I love this thing - I have this in mask form. It makes my hair super-moisturized and also make my split ends look much better :) Would surely buy again.

Review by aguskl: I have not ordered from Avon for a long time, but I saw this and had to get it. This is a really good, cheap protein-based conditioner. My hair actually felt a lot stronger and it minimized the frizz, which surprised me. I would not use this everyday, but more as a treatment when I need a boost. Has a strong clean smell that lingered and made my SO sneeze. So those scent-sensitive might want to steer clear. Overall, this was a great find from Avon and I look forward to trying more of thier haircare products. It didn't give as much shine as the Planet Spa Olive oil mask, but good for more reparitive qualities.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I first bought the mask and i just fell in love with it,but when that finished i bought other conditioners (i 'm always trying new ones).None were the same.Then i saw it again with an offer (2 for the price of 1) and i bought it (along with the one for the colored hair which wasn't a good idea,i don't like it).I love the smell,and you can still feel it after 2 days which is a plus for me.It makes my hair smooth,silky,with no frizz.It's not expensive.Definately not going to switch it up anymore.

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