which hair conditioner is good?3 recommended hair conditioner

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By Stella

which hair conditioner is good?Let's see the 3 recommended hair conditioner !


Aveda Clove conditioner

Review by mulhollanddrive: The BEST color enhancing product for brunette hair out there. This literally blows any drugstore enhancing product out of the water (including brunette suave, brillliant brunette, sunsilk, Pantene brunette expressions). I apply the Clove conditioner to wet hair, put on a shower cap and leave on for as long as possible, close to 15-20 minutes. After rinsing and drying, there is a noticable, just stepped out of a salon look to my hair. Although it only lasts through a few shampoos it is definetly worth it for a quick enhancement for a night out. ;)
FYI: rinse shower completely and wash hands with soap as it will stain if not careful.

Review by misswillow: Not too heavy or too light, very little fragrance to my nose and even then, not "clovey". Yes, it temporarily and mildly stains hands even if it's on your skin only for a short time, and will require normal cleaning products for stain removal on your shower/bath. However, it's really good at taking down brassiness and the effects are likely to last a few shampoos, so that you can choose to alternate with a cheaper conditioning option if you like. I have fairly curly/porous hair that is colored but fades and brasses over very easily. I've got enough gray hair now that I've decided to "go natural," and I'm in the process of letting the gray grow out. This conditioner has kept the brass away (brass looks extra bad up against cool gray) and takes the edge off the demarcation line between the colored and gray hair. The whole process has gone much more gracefully than I imagined.

Review by funkybabe: Brilliant. The girl who posted the picture of her hair is the shade I get too. And my hair is SO soft. I've come back to it so many times now...I want to try the black one next!

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L'Oreal EverStrong Bodify Conditioner for Flat, Limp Hair, Rosemary Mint

Review by SisleyAus: Don't waste your time or damage your hair with this crap. It will dry it out, create a lot of static electricity, and even with mounds of it in your hair for ten minutes you'll barely be able to get a comb through it.

Review by jenss79: I've been meaning to look into sulfate-frees for a while as I have fine, dense, long hair, but most of the lines are really expensive. I grabbed this and I don't know if it's really bodifying, but it really cleared up my dry scalp, and I think I've had less breakage. My hair seems healthy. Someone commented about frizziness -- I have frizz-prone hair no matter what I wash with, but I use a pump of the eversleek serum from a similar line by L'oreal while my hair's towel-dry damp and that seems to really cut it down.
The smell's definitely rosemary + juniper, though, so be prepared to smell like a pine tree.

Review by spitfireseven: i gave the shampoo counterpart only 3 lippes, but this 4.
the price is a bit high for a drugstore product (9, maybe?), and the tube isnt that big.
speaking of tube, the packaging is TERRIBLE. you have to squeeze the sh!t out of it to get the conditioner out after only 1/2 or so is used. and, as i mentioned, its a smallish tube.
i like that this is a sulfate free, and i'll continue to use it up (which is more than i can say for the 'poo) on the ears-down part of my hair till i run out, but i will not re-buy. i do NOT like that its not 'cone free. and i feel like for the price i could get something that hydrates my fine hair better without making it feel as weighed down.
when i buy anymore shampoo and conditoiner, i want to try the EverPURE instead.

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Aveda Scalp Benefits conditioner

Review by redheadjane: This is a super rich conditioner that doesn't weigh my hair down - I use it along with the scalp benefits shampoo. Using these two together has actually cured my dry itchy scalp; I couldn't be happier. Also, they are not drying like most scalp products. They leave my hair moisturised and shiny. I also love the natural woody scent.

Review by misswillow: I have oily dead straight thick hair. This conditioner (along with the shampoo) is a god send. It makes me hair silky smooth without silicone-feel and the fragrance is light and non-offensive. I am not sure if this builds up or not because i shampoo my hair twice. Firstly with a clarifying shampoo and then with this. It works wonders for me. and it helps to keep my crazy baby hairs tame! I don't mind paying an extra few dollars for stuff that work properly. So therefore in my opinion this price tag is worth it as i will use it right down to the last drop. which is something i can't say about some cheaper stuff that i have bought and used half way and thrown out.

Review by omegakitty: I have tried everything under the sun for my sensitive, itchy, sometimes oily and breakout-prone scalp. I was nervous about emulsifying conditioner right into my scalp, but it really has normalized my oil production. The conditioner is nice and rich, and I comb it through to distribute it. I leave it on for a couple minutes and then rub it like shampoo before rinsing out.
I took off one lippie because it does weigh my hair down a tiny bit, and my ends still feel drier than midshaft to scalp.

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