which hair conditioner is good?3 effective hair conditioners

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By Monica

which hair conditioner is good?Let's see the 3 effective hair conditioners !


Aussie Moist Conditioner

Review by Vaniessa: I tried this when I was staying with my boyfriend's family at their house and I failed to remember my own shampoo and conditioner. Everyone in that house had such soft, shiny hair and I sat perplexed and tried to figure out their secret. Bwuhaha! When I showered I found toothbrushes and toothpaste, petroleum jelly, NO hair styling products (they couldn't stand my high matinence ass with all my stuff crowding the whole bathroom), then cheap shampoo and this stuff in the shower. I tried it, it's very thick and convienient with a pump dispenser! Made my dry, colour treated hair so soft, and I was able to run my fingers through it effortlessly. Amazing. I got my own bottle extra cheap at the grocery store and mix it with FF glossing conditioner and VS So Sexy volumizing conditioner, so I don't have to repurchase the high-end products as often. Glorious!

Review by aguskl: I bought this conditioner before I left for school because it was only 4 dollars for a huge bottle that promised over 100 washes, because lets face it what college student wants to spend their precious beer money on conditioner. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase, it makes my hair so amazingly soft and silky, smells fantastic, will definately repurchase when I run out..which I'm not expecting to any time soon, I'm a little over half way done and its been an entire semester (I wash my hair every day too). So awesome.

Review by scrapdoll: If you dye your hair and want something inexpensive this Conditioner is the best. I struggled for years with my overly dyed blonde hair and once joining MUA and finding this it made a world of a difference. My very dry hair started to get some life back to it. I used the shampoo focusing on my roots and this matching Conditioner mainly on my ends.

I did need to add Argon Oil to further help out with the decade of damage I've done to my hair. It's now been over a year since I started using Aussie and have since dyed my hair back to it's original color 6 months ago and haven't dyed it since. My natural hair is slightly oily so I'm going to have to switch to another shampoo and Conditioner once I've grown out all the damage.

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Matrix Logics Colorsure Conditioner

Review by AokiJ: I like to use this conditioner along with the Logics Remoisturizing shampoo. I have medium length, fine hair (but a lot of it!) which I highlight. I find this conditioner gives just enough moisture without weighing it down (like Biolage did). It also helps keep my highlights looking vibrant. It has a fresh, clean scent that is subtle. Highly recommended!

Review by pretty_please: This conditioner has done wonders for my damaged hair. It's a light conditioner that can be used on a daily basis. Since I've incorporated this product into my hair care routine, my hair has been stronger, softer and shinier. I should mention that I alternate this with my Goldwell products. And the fresh scent is intoxicating =). My boyfriend loves to smell my hair when I condition with this.

Review by kat_25: This conditioner is great. It protects my hair color and my hair has gotten stonger. I love the smell. It is very clean smelling almost like laundry detergent.

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Garnier Long and Strong Conditioner

Review by dontblink15: I bought the shampoo and conditioner recently, because they were both on sale for 2.69 Canadian. I have waist-length hair, and I've been curious about the Long n' Strong line. They smell so fruity and delicious, lika all Fructis products, and come in such a cool package. Lime green bottles; my favourite colour! After used the shampoo and applied this conditioner to my hair and was doubtful. It so runny and thin, nothing like my Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal. My hair is fine with oily roots and brittle ends, so I need a moisturizing conditioner. But after my hair dried, I was pleasantly surprised. No tangles, fresh scent, no weght, and the ends of my hair looked so healthy! Unfourtunatly, the next day my hair was greasy and the ends wern't so soft. This is a good conditioner, but not as good as my HG Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal:)

Review by gogoamy: Decent conditioner. My hair: definitely long (8 inches past shoulders), a little prone to dryness but not processed, slightly coarse and thick. This does a decent (not super) job of moisturizing my hair, so I use it when I don't need a ton of moisture. I also often use it for conditioner-washing (no shampoo) -- just run it through my hair, leave on for a couple seconds, then rinse. I may purchase again b/c I like the smell and the cheap price.

Review by cperry: I used this during the summer when I was trying to get my hair to grow longer. I purchased this along with the matching shampoo. This conditioner is just ok but its beter than the shampoo. While using this I did not see any benefits added to my hair, my hair was not any stronger and it was still a big frizz ball.I dont know maybe it wasnt left feeling stronger because I stopped using the shampoo after just one use since it was horrible. The cap is also a bit hard to open in the shower.I use a different conditioner now and use this to shave.Overall its an average drugstore conditioner but ive found better conditioners that are from the drugstore as well.

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