which hair conditioner is good?3 best hair conditioner

By Monica

which hair conditioner is good?Let's see the 3 best hair conditioner !


Alberto Vo5 Oasis Honey and Almond Nourishing Conditioner

Review by almighty_curv: Wow. Just wow. Go out and buy this conditioner (as well as the shampoo) now. Because first of all, you simply cannot go wrong at 2 for 14.5 oz. The scent is absolutely delicious and it lingers after the shower... mmm. And best of all it made my hair sooo nice. Soft, shiny, smoother, and all-around healthier and healthier-looking. Definitely beats my previous shampoo and conditioner - Bead Head Tigi Control Freak which was 9 shampoo and 12 conditioner... what a rip-off when you can get a much better product for a sixth of the price.

Review by abrilio: Very heavy and weighed down my hair. I also didn't like that almond-y smell..

Review by spitfireseven: I don't know why everyone thinks this is so moisturizing. I have dry hair and it made my hair feel like straw! I could tell it didn't work when i rinsed and it felt the same as it did b4 i put the conditoner on. I also used this in conjunction with the shampoo and got the same results. I prefer my Biolage Ultra Hydrating Balm by far.

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Modern Organic Products (MOP) C-System Hydrating Conditioner

Review by redheadjane: Best Conditioner I have ever used. My hair is brown and course. Makes my hair super soft and smells good. I have gone to other conditioners to try but come back to this one. Some how this contioner seem to work differently than others, seems to penetrate more but still rinses out. I have also tried several others in the MOP line but don't compare to this one. I also don't have to use much it is very concentrated. Love It!

Review by pretty_please: I have long medium/fine hair and its' pretty normal . .even slightly dry due to coloring. My hair felt really nice and soft after using this and I dind't have problems with oily roots later on, however, I do think there are much better conditioners for the price of this conditioner and although it hydrated my hair. . I think I have other products which have better results than this!

Review by tetrakis: Just purchased this product today, so will update after I have been using it.
I just wanted to read a few reviews and had a mini heart attack when someone mentioned this conditioner had a cone in it, as I specifically seek out conditioners that do not have cones in them. I did a little research on the suspected culprit - the hydrolysed wheat protein, and it turns out that the pg-propyl silanetriol version is water soluble when the PH level of the shampoo is above 5.5 - on the MOP website, it states that the PH level of this product is 5.5-6.5, so the cone should probable be water soluble, and that is why it doesn't create build up like others are saying.
Man cone-free routines are tricky! But I think this is a safe conditioner for those wanting to stick to a cone free routine. :)

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DHC Moist Conditioner

Review by blyss: The BEST conditioner I've tried. I do not have the scalp cleansing shampoo, so I matched it with my usual shampoo. Nevertheless, it makes my slightly curly - slightly thick hair so soft and shiney. I can clearly see the difference when I use it. Although they market it as conditioner, I feel that it is almost like a deep treatment (rich, yet rinses clean). I am very happy that I found it.

Review by rebec75: This is one of the best daily conditioners I have ever used. It leaves my hair feeling clean, strong and silky without any residue feeling. My hair is super smooth and shiny with it and stays that way. It smells lovely too. Like their Scalp Cleansing shampoo, it is a little expensive but comes in a generous size pump container.

Review by jamelia: I bought this with the matching DHC scalp cleansing shampoo. It's not bad, but nothing special either. I haven't noticed any added bounce or shine from it, and with baby fine straight hair, I don't really have a problem with frizzies. It doesn't seem to weigh my hair down either, which is good, just doesn't add anything that I can't already get from a much cheaper d/s conditioner.

I'll definitely repurchase the shampoo, but will skip this conditioner next time.

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