which fragrance ranking first?3 top fragrances review

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By Monica

which fragrance ranking first?Let's see the 3 top fragrances review!


MMU Cosmetics Angel Mist

Review by angelchan: my angel mist scent was ibiza chic and i have to saw wow. i loved this. my friend who adores escada couldn't even tell the difference. she just kept wanting to borrow it from me :) . for us it did last long and we only had to re spray ourselves once( we were club hoping). i will be buying this product again.

Review by fitnessa: Have only had this product in Vanilla Sugar (NOT the warm vanilla sugar dupe--that's a different scent), and I love it. It's VERY sweet-smelling. The scent lasts a good while, too. My only complaint is that MMU products cost more than most etailers. :-(

Review by kerroppifreak: I wasn't overly impressed with this. I have it in oatmeal raisin cookies which is a fairly strong scent, but it doesn't last 5 minutes when I spray it on. I do like that it doesn't feel greasy on my hair or my skin, but I still wouldn't repurchase this.

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Le Labo Gaiac 10

Review by Bonnie2842: i bought a full size bottle when it was available online for the charity cause (red cross for japan), and i had high hopes given all the raves about it. lovely fragrance, but it just doesn't stay. virtually can't be detected in less than an hour's time. can't afford paying a fortune for sth that's gone in no time!

Review by auth: Le Labo is killing my wallet with these city exclusives! With that said, the newest from Tokyo Gaiac 10 is no exception to another amazing scent. The creator of this fragrance, Annick Menardo , has managed to take gaiac, woods, olibanum, and musk and make something hauntingly magical! The woods give off a snuggle like creaminess, no sharp edges, no separation, no one predominant wood takes over here. The musk is so subtle, but seems to add a touch sweetness, the olibanum lends the incense vibe to this, but dances on the skin so softly. I tell myself that 700.00 + is insane( for the 100 ml bottle) but...I have a strong suspicion, this will be my next purchase:))

Review by laurilauri: I only wish I had never tried this absolutely stunning fragrance! It is exactly what I have been looking for, the perfect signature scent that is luminous, yet alluring. There is nothing like it out there;the uniqueness of the gaiac wood is perfectly blended with the musks to make this an intoxicating "skin" scent. Normally musks dont sit well on me, but this one is heaven! If you try this, you will love it! It is expensive, but if you have spent looking for the perfect scent as I have, your search will end here. It is exclusive to Tokyo only, big draw back!

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LUSH Champagne Snow Showers Solid Perfume

Review by CherryBlossom03: At first it took me some time to get use at solid perfume, but now I like it. It think this perfume smells great, I've gotten some compliments about it. My sister thinks it smells too foody though. I guess I like a bit of a foody smell.

Review by mielr: This has a magical smell to me! This smell is great for any time of year! Like sparkly, untouched snow for winter...and then like a refreshing breeze for summer. Like the reviewer below, I get the most compliments when I wear this. I am going in search of this to stock up until next Christmas.

Review by Graceteix: i love this solid perfume!! it's very unique and smells like something i have smelled before but can't put my finger on it. it's very citrusy but also something else.. it's delicious!! i love how when i put this in my purse, i can smell it! it just makes me smell good all the time! i have a new found liking to solid perfumes thanks to honey i washed the kids solid! it is very creamy and i find the staying power is pretty decent. champange snow showers is a limited time solid so get it before it's too late!!

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