which fragrance ranking first?3 popular fragrances reviews

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By Elena

which fragrance ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular fragrances reviews!


Parfumerie Generale Jardins de Kerylos

Review by YolandaMC: This is one of the nicest fig scents out there, in my opinion. It is not too sweet (I find L'artisan and Dyptique to be pretty cloying), yet it is not as dry as Heeley (which I find powdery and somewhat sterile after just a few moments of application). My main complaint about this is the staying power, which is weak, especially in comparison to my Holy Grail of fig perfumes: Profumum's Ichnusa.

Review by mulhollanddrive: Very gourmand to my nose: especially in the opening the sweet fig note is really edible and just wrong on my skin. I like figs and fig scented candles but this is way too realistic to be worn as a perfume. The core and drydown are much kinder to me, when the wood notes (sycamore) emerge more and I do get a hint of the Greek island it is supposed to take its inspiration from, including a vague sea breeze touch. I will try it again in the summer as I feel it could turn much nicer on me then.

Review by AokiJ: A green fig that I like! It was about time. No coconut and no nonsense here. Fig and green leaves and a bit of salty air. This is simple beauty. Fans of Diptyque's Philosykos should sample this one. This fragrance has better staying power than Philosykos.

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Valentino Rock n Dreams

Review by pulidobl: I'm in love with this scent! I previously owned Rock 'N Rose in which I loved, but then I got a bit bored of it. Anyways, this scent is completely different compared to Rock N Rose, there's something that gives off a mysterious vibe which I really like. I've also gotten compliments from a few guys lately as well, and one of them went crazy. He couldn't stop sniffing my neck and just kept moving closer haha. Anyways, there's still something floral about this scent, and it's not too fruity however you can pick up on some notes. It's a scent to be worn in the summer.

Review by Elixir: I like to collect perfumes. Everytime I love the smell of a perfume, I will definitely buy it. But not every perfume that I bought give the same scent as the first time I smelled it. Sometimes I thought I bought a wrong perfume.
But this one is different, it gives the fresh and feminine scent constantly, and I never feel interfered with the smell even if I accidentally spray it too much. It's a perfect scent to be used daily, trust me, you'll love it!

Review by AutumnBliss: I've only tried a sample of this fragrance and so cannot comment on the price and packaging.
The scent is very mysterious and has a sweet and fruity (peach maybe) note. After a while, it can get too sweet and has a hint of vanilla which is very girly. More of a daytime scent than evening though and IMO its more suitable for young women.

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Demeter Earthworm

Review by coolRED: I feel guilty writing this review, as I am a loyal fan of 'Dirt'. I love Dirt, take it everywhere with me, mix it with floral or green or herbal one-note fragrances...but this review is not about Dirt. It is about Earthworm. I read the reviews saying that it was 'dirtier than dirt', and got excited about it. I ordered it over the internet, and when it arrived I was shocked to find that it is actually TOO dirty for me! In a way, I was disappointed with myself, I just couldn't hack it! Dirt smells clean and fresh to me, and reminds me of gardening. Earthworm, on the other hand, smells like burying your head in a bag of potting soil, up to your ears (or what I would imagine that to smell like).

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent!!! I love dirt, but this is much dirtier. Think potting soil thats been sitting out in the sun. Definitely very warm, very earthy.

Review by cperry: Love it! I guess they came up with this fragrance because they had received comments that the "Dirt" fragrance was not "dirty enough". I liked the "Dirt" when it first came out but they changed the recipe ever so slightly and now I prefer this one. Another good name for this one would be "Soil" or maybe even "Loam".

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