which fragrance ranking first?3 popular fragrances review

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By Vicky

which fragrance ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular fragrances review!


Revlon Jontue

Review by OutofControl: Yes, I also experienced JONTUE today at the WALGREEN'S fragrance counter.
It is an inexpensive fragrance that smells expensive... It is a most dignified fragrance, far from the fruities and sugars that prevail today...
I read it as an aldehydic bitter green white floral somewhere in the Couturier CORIANDRE department, but undergirded with a wee bit of natural leather.
JONTUE is actually a most unique scent, nothing I know is quite like it... I agree, its best moments occur hours after the scent has dried down. But even the opening moments I find thrilling.... a transparent aldehyde opening.
Do not let the low cost or 1970's identity of this fragrance dissuade you from trying it...

Review by joheinous: I'm so glad I came across these reviews tonight! I wore Jontue as a teenager because I received it as a gift. I remember not really liking the way it smelled when I first put it on. It smelled weird and off-putting frankly, but once it warmed with my skin it was all beautiful dusky, musky, chypre-ness. On my clothing it was soft and warm like a summer breeze. I still have a little of this unusual potion left over from the 80's and as I breathe it in I wonder why I haven't worn this in a while and suddenly I need to go get me a gift set while they're out for the holidays! I've been dying for a dusty chypre and have looked hi and lo when the whole time it was right here under my nose. Literally.

Review by nishie: I am reviewing a new old stock bottle of cologne (this would date from the late 70's or early eighties) and may I say this is marvelous and just like I remember! It does have a White Diamonds feel - but a very light White Diamonds feel...white florals with a drop of real oakmoss underneath. My DH and young daughter immediately said I smell really good (unusual from DH) and I would feel as confident wearing this as I would any of my newer, more high-end fragrances. Now - how does this compare to what is available today?? I'd have to do a side by side, but I do recall spritzing Jontue on about 2 years ago and I remember the top notes had that drug store note to them....I would definitely say this has been changed. I'll try and update if I can do a proper side by side.

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Chimera

Review by Viognier: Spiced candy when wet. This reminds me of German Christmas Markets, cinnamon spiced almonds all I need now is mulled wine. The cinnamon is noticeable but honeyed.
As this dries it is getting darker and more resinous. This is really growing on me.
On my skin the cinnamon is not too loud and is sweetened, presumably by the honeysuckle, and then given more depth with the myrrh. Very nice.

Review by dontblink15: Cinnamon Play-Doh. Ick. And it burns my skin. Will try it on my hair and see if it retains the lovely scent from the vial, but on my skin, it's terrible!

Review by dxgirly: A very nice winter scent. Too much cinnamen at first but it gets lovely and creamy afterwards thus it sweet and a little spicy. This could be great in hot weather too if you are somewhere very tropical!
The main problems are the same as with other BPAL scents: poor packaging (hard to open), hard to apply (a spray bottle would have been FAR better), there is small quantity of product (like samples, even the non-imps) and the price is a little too much.

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Unlisted Brand Dana Classic Fragrances - Love's - Sugar Kiss

Review by Vaniessa: I bought Sugar Kiss and Berry Sweet body washes at the Dollar Tree today. I didn't get the lotions because I wasn't sure about the quality. I only bought one of each bw for the same reason. I should have bought more, and I will if I still find them. I'm a body wash junkie, usually find that cheap ones are not so great. Not so with these. They lather well, smell delightful! I'm gonna try to find the colognes if I still can. I would definitely buy again.

Review by bobsy: I saw this today in Wal Mart. It was packaged with Love's Baby Soft regular scent, both for 3.50! I grabbed it. This smells exactly like Pink Sugar, only less sweet. Pink sugar gave me a serious headache, but this is a lighter Pink Sugar scent. Has stayed on me msot of the day. Will buy this again if I can find it!

Review by lipstik: my mom bought me a variety pack of Love's that i normally wouldn't have bought for myself. that's okay, i still really like Love's. it included Rainforest, the original powder, Blue Raspberry, and Sugar Kiss. i was so excited to see this in there, because sweet, sticky, sugary smells are my fave. i tried it immediately, and it smelled nice, kind of floral with high sweet notes. i'm still confused about the smell - it takes a different trip once it's sprayed on the skin. still, it does smell sugary and sweet so i do like it. plus, the price for Love's is always great!

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