which fragrance ranking first?3 good fragrance

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By Christina

which fragrance ranking first?Let's see the 3 good fragrance !


Balmain Balmya de Balmain

Review by Keva: I have been searching for a fragrance that smells similar to my Nivea cream in the glass blue jar. Someone said they thought Balmya smelled a bit like Nivea so I got a bottle. I can see those comparisons, actually. I like this and will probably wear it this summer because it's not heavy at all.
It is classified on most sites that I have looked at as a woody oriental. I usually wouldn't wear an oriental in the hot weather, so I'm not sure I consider this an oriental. If it is, it's a light oriental if there is such a thing! Anyway, if you like slightly floral (rose) with some woody undertones and perhaps a touch of powder, you will probably like Balmya. Great little scent and reasonably priced.

Review by sjcsmall: Soft, woody, and clean. Notes: Angelica seeds, Bergamot, Passion fruit, Violet, Coffee tree flowers, Pink berries, Vanilla orchid, Cashmere wood, White sandal wood, Iris, Cappuccino. I don't smell even a hint of my idea of "cappuccino" on my skin, but there is a warm, woody undertone that could be this note. This fragrances is a light, woody Oriental that mellows and, oddly, becomes more flowery rather than woodsy as it dries down.

Review by abrilio: I bought this for all the interesting notes it contains. I can't say I can detect half of them. I wish I could smell more of the violet and the cappucino. This reminds me of estee lauder's pleasures, which is kind of boring to me.

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Bath and Body Works White Ginger and Amber

Review by mashafromrussia: Ugh! I have a problem with amber and spicy scents. Smells too masculine for me.

Review by iberian: I love amber and I want to like this one but something in this is sorta neauseating...to much ginger? I'm gonna wait till cooler weather comes and see if it still sits the same with me.

Review by blueaygi: I bought this scented lotion as a first layer for many fragrances, since in the store it seemed to be almost scentless. I think that must have been my nose reeling from the rest of the store, cause once I got this lotion home, it turned out to have a lovely, soft, subtle but true amber/floral scent. I'm not so sure I can layer this (as I was planning) but I can definitely wear it all on its own for a great scent!

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Perry Ellis 360 White

Review by ciarar: I also bought Perry Ellis White at Marshalls. I'm one of the few, I think, who actually likes 360 (or used to, years ago). PE White is very sweet and tropical smelling to me. There's something I can't identify that almost makes me a little queasy, a banana or coconutty note, although neither are listed in the notes posted the review below. I can't wear it because it turns super-sweet on me - one tiny spritz on the wrist, and it's just too much for me. If you like sweet, tropical scents you might like this. I agree with the poster who said it is a youthful, breezy scent. It strikes me as beachy. And a little goes a very long way, imo. I wouldn't repurchase, but I like the bottles in this line. I want to try the black.

Review by lorraine07: this so nice..i got this for 9.99 for a ful size bottle and i love it..its so much better than the 360..its a must try

Review by Sybil84: I bought this on a deal at Perfumania where you can buy one at full price, and get a second for 9.99. I bought the black version too. The white is gorgeous! I fell in love right on the spot. I've worn it in the car all day, and it is young, fresh and sexy. It is a casual, breezy perfume that isn't overpowering. It contains white amber, gingerlilly, green mandarin, bamboo, white peppercorns, cardamom, orange flower, white amber, orchid, musk and vanilla.

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