which fragrance ranking first?3 easy to use fragrance reviews

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By Monica

which fragrance ranking first?Let's see the 3 easy to use fragrance reviews!


Caswell-Massey Lily

Review by francesca39: Lily is a beautiful light scent that embodies spring. It's light and fresh and has a nice lily dry down scent that isn't cloying. The lasting power is mediocre, but it's nice to re-apply. This is my staple spring scent.

Review by ZoSo: gorgeous, gorgeous scent.

Review by redheadjane: This is a really nice lotv scent! It's not cloying, and as it dries down there is a hint of the green leaves and stems. It doesn't last long, but it layers well with the lotion. I'll definitely be getting a bottle.

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Oscar de la Renta Violet

Review by cyndiinphilly: My most favorite perfume! It is musky, yet feminine and rich. If your in a department store then definately try this one out, it's delicious!

Review by AokiJ: I love this scent. Its absolutely fantastic. Its so smooth and calm. My boyfriend actually likes this one and he hates perfume. I got a sample of this at a store and after I smelled it I knew I had to have it! It's delice!

Review by bklyncowgirl: Where are the violets??? This fragrance would appeal to many I am sure and I see why people would like it for it's sweet gourmand edge. Sort of Pink Sugary. I guess it's Oscar's way of trying to get the younger folks on board. It's ok just a tad too "run of the mill" for my liking and when something is called Violet, I expect Violets!!!

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Yves Rocher Poire

Review by London84: A very nice true sweet pear that ultimately seems to dry a little too play-doughy or chemical or something - but really quite nice albeit a little plain. Truthfully, I prefer Susanne Lang's pear or Yosh's U4EAHH.

Review by mz654: I really like this, especially for the price. I bought a 20 ml bottle of the eau de toilette for 5 bucks but will probably go back for the bigger bottle when I've used this up. It's a really nice casual fruity scent... very true to an actual pear smell as others have mentioned. It reminds me a bit of a shower gel or shampoo smell, except stronger and longer-lasting. It smells clean and delicious and is a good day/school scent. Unfortunately it wears off very quickly.

Review by Leelee57: I love Yves Rocher Poire fragrance. It is my favorite from their fruit scented line. It is very true to the scent of a freshly picked green pear. The EDT has pretty decent lasting power. It seems to stay on me for at least 6 hours before it starts to fade. The lotion is thin in texture, but is nice and light, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin very soft. I'm not a huge fan of the shower gel. It seems to dry out my skin. I use it as a foam bath. Overall, it is a great line of products. They are a little pricey if not on sale, but they come in large bottles that last forever, so I would say it's all worth it.

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