which fragrance ranking first?3 best-selling fragrance

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By Stella

which fragrance ranking first?Let's see the 3 best-selling fragrance !


Suds and Light Almond, Milk, and Honey Body Mist

Review by funkybabe: This review is not for the Body Mist. It's for the Goats Milk Whipped cream. (I Couldn't get this stupid thing to work to create a new category). Anyway, this is such a comforting fragrance. If you love almond scents, you'll be delighted with this. There's something about it that reminds me of that new dollbaby smell...In a good way. It's the perfect blend of almonds and vanilla with a hint of musk. This is definitely one of my new favorites. The cream is thick and very moisturizing. It stays with you all day too.

Review by cweiss: A must for almond lovers! Soft, cozy, comforting all in one. If you like Etro Heliotrope, you'll love this.

Review by mulhollanddrive: Almondy and comforting. I agree with the reviewer below that if you like ETRO Heliotrope (one of my favorites) you will like this body mist. The scent is similar, soft and cozy, but it doesn't last very long.

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Calgon Mmmm Marshmallow body spray

Review by jules2064: Bought this due to the raves here on MUA. I really like this and am surprised since I've not liked the Calgon fragrances I've tried before. This isn't really a foody scent as I was expecting it to be and I don't think it smells that much like Aquolina's Pink Sugar. I do smell marshmallow in a sense but I also detect a clean and slightly soapy powdery floral. I agree that it's not a sophisticated scent,as a reviewer said somewhere below, but it is some good sweet clean smelling fun! ; )

Review by Bonnie2842: I bought this last year, and since then, I've already bought a backup and the 118 ml (for my purse) because I heard it was being discontinued. However I still see them in stock at wal-mart.
I don't wear this often in the summer, but in fall and winter I have to wear this at least a few times a week! Its not exactly marshmallowy, but a super sweet foody vanilla. The lasting power is great aswell.
For the price, you can't beat it.

Review by shimmering: I had already written a review of the body cream which is also divine, but just wanted to add that this is delicious and a great price...ab fab!

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Demeter Altoids Pick-Me-Up

Review by AimeeO: This really is a fairly exact replication of teh altoid scent. That said, I am not sure I want to smell like an altoid all over--just my mouth will do and I will stick with the old fashioned way of achieving that feat.

Review by IiIy: Love this... LOVE it! They don't make it anymore or else I'd totally stock up. I used up the whole bottle so fast (because it doesn't last long) and I very much miss it. It's so refreshing and minty and has a hint of vanilla.

Review by ahappyplace: This smells great! When you want something that's not flowery, not green-smelling, not musky or perfumey and doesn't smell too sweet, go for this one. It does have a very strong peppermint smell but dries down to just the right amount of concentration. Would smell fabulous on a man. Might be good mixed with something like Woodsmoke or Fireplace or Tobacco.

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