which fragrance ranking first?3 best fragrance compare

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By Sara

which fragrance ranking first?Let's see the 3 best fragrance compare!


Kuumba Made Egyptian Musk

Review by AimeeO: I Love this!! The little roll on is a pain in the butt though. It gets clogged and I have to pop that part off and dab this on.
The smell is a wonderful musk and lasts a long time. It is a fresh musk and not too earthy. I love to layer this with Persian Garden, a floral, and together they are dynamite!! I get many compliments when I wear this. I keep the roll ons in my purse because they are so small and travel well. I can refresh, if need be.
I love this and would like to purchase a larger size.
EDIT: Oh my, I had not read the previous reviews and I see that PorcelainBeauty also mixes this with Persian Garden!! (she adds in some Zen Rain but I love just the two of them together). It is very sexy.

Review by pinkiiish: try blending the egyptian musk with pikake lei, using more musk than pikake as the floral oil is stronger. it smells like clean, fresh laundry or any of the Clean-brand fragrances, but less harsh.

Review by minnielouse: OH. MY. GOSH.
And please heed the advice of others and pick up the Persian Garden, as well.

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mark Self Sanctuary White-Tea Vanilla Scent Mist

Review by fuxxy: Love it, but it doesn't last long. It isn't that strong, either. Smells great.

Review by maribebe: This fragrance is very easy to wear. It would be very nice for casual days. At first, it was a little sharp, but it mellows into a lovely cream/vanilla fragrance that wears close to the skin.
Does not last long..........that is why I gave it a 4. Pretty nice fragrance.

Review by CherryBlossom03: This is a great everyday scent that I love even though I'm not a fan of vanilla. I have the scent mist and the moisture milk and this lasts all day on me. I think that the scent mist is a bit pricey but I would definitely purchase the moisture milk again. Of course this is stronger when layered but the moisture milk, even alone, has alot of staying power. Like I said before, I don't really like vanilla but the white tea in this makes the vanilla really nice. :)

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Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Turkish Musk

Review by iberian: This is the ultimate Egyptian musk! It's not weighed down with heavy perfumes like most EM's that are currently on the market. It reminds me of the original EM of the mid 80's. Clean, slightly soapy, mellow, sorta fruity. Perfect!

Review by askewchick: My favorite DSH musk! This is very much like Body Time's Egyptian Musk, but without that dewy, sticky note. It's all of the freshness of EM with this built-in dryness (I guess it's the tea and leather) that makes it just beautiful. I've gotten a few compliments at work while I was wearing it. I will definitely buy a larger bottle of this one!

Review by liselise1: Super soft. I found this to be a barely there Egyptian type musk. It was a little too dry and clean for my liking. Generally what I would call a "run of the mill" musk which wears nicely for hours.

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