which fragrance is the best?3 effective fragrance compare

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By Vicky

which fragrance is the best?Let's see the 3 effective fragrance compare!


Unlisted Brand Carven - Ma Griffe Parfum de Toilette

Review by aguskl: Ah... another to add to my glorious collection of greens.
This is GUH-REEN! On my chemistry it is a magical green - still nicely "perfumey" - not green like hay or like forest - but a lovely lady like green. This is another scent that just meshes with my skin and becomes me. I keep sniffing my arm - and oh yes, it is there... most gloriously there... but beautifully, cool, fresh and green. Dewey green....

(the bottle is really ugly though....)

Review by oopsygirl: An amazing smell!!! The pure parfum has very bright and sparkling aldehyde top notes which have just the right amount of powderiness mixed with a bit of citrus. Its green due to the galbanum and clary sage and has a slight stem smell to me but its definitely not sour. At the same time it's never more than slightly sweet. It has a coldness that is similar to Rive Gauche which is probably because of the way the aldehydes have been blended in both perfumes. The scent at this stage is indescribable - it has a softness reminiscent of a baby's skin but it is also an outdoorsy type perfume in the same vain as No.19 (the greeness in both fragrances is also related though not exactly the same).
It eventually develops into a slightly musky rose with a touch of something vaguely spicy (but smooth) in the drydown. It retains its greeness until the end. Delightful!

Review by pulidobl: I like this. It's a very powdery greenish floral. I don't think it smells particularly elegant though. It's very pleasant and something Miss Marple (Agatha Christie's famous heroine) would wear. Normally, I abhor the unhelpful "old lady" remarks but in this case, it is one of the first things that come to my mind. Please read Jemimagold's review below. She managed to state it a lot more eloquently.

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Victoria's Secret Honeysuckle belle

Review by angelchan: definately a nice NEW scent. i enjoy it when i spray it around the house, but i wouldnt really wear it out to "impress". its sweet, fruity and fresh, but to me this is missing something, its neither extravagant or sexy....its just NICE. didnt impress me personally

Review by bastet: When I first wore this, I thought I smelled so sexy. It's such a pretty flirty scent. It's definately a honeysuckle scent that's slightly fruity. Nothing extravagent like Love Spell. Just a beautiful scent. It's LE but I will definately repurchase if it's still around.

Review by stellaluna2: this a good one from the garden collection! victoria secret honeysuckle belle is fresh, light, fruity and clean..its like the old scent Secret Crush and i know the store said, they will bring that one back during 07' promo's soon. they do it during annual sales sometimes. but, go get this one its nice....mimosa one stinks, it smells like secret Baby powder deodorant..get HONEYSUCKLE BELLE!!!

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Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Grosellina

Review by rebec75: this is a lovely fragrance!! fresh, fruity, flowery... not something i'd usually go for, but it brings back memories of a recent trip to the Pyrenees, of picnics in beautiful green valleys filled with alpine wildflowers, of fresh air and blue skies... ahhh. a perfect, light summer fragrance! as for the name, redcurrants belong to the botanical family Grossulariaceae, so it doesn't really surprise me that this is called Grosellina.

Review by lorrainer07: i tryed this because my mat from masaki matsushima was sold out. glad i did. it smells very strong fruity in the beginning, but after a while its a creamy fruity-citrus and powdery (all at the same time) smell. amazing. guerlain did the job. great for spring and summer.

Review by Elixir: Lovely French fruity scent, absolutely fabulous, love the bottle as well... A+

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