which fragrance is the best?3 easy to use fragrance reviews

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By Sara

which fragrance is the best?Let's see the 3 easy to use fragrance reviews!


Jo Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar

Review by leeyao: I just bought a bottle of it, after being obsessed with it for 2 months:) I tried it one day, dismissed it, and then went to lunch where I realized that a great, fresh smell was wafting to my nose. To my surprise it turned out to be SLaC! Ever since I've tried it 2 or 3 times and though I liked it every time, I refused to buy it, because I thought I should be saving my money with the crisis and all. But in the end, my mind was so stuck on it, that I HAD to buy it. It's fresh, slightly sweet and perfect for the hottest May we had on ages! The lasting power is also amazing; the best I've encountered in any JM fragrance but also one of the best in any perfume I own!

Review by auth: Got this on the basis of reviews here, but I'm disappointed. All I smell is the cedar, none of the citrusy lime I was hoping for. Too woody for me--sort of inside of a closet scent. Might just be my skin, might be better on you. No buy.

Review by jlinh2u: I probably have over 30 fragrances AND I work in a cosmetics store. I'm surrounded by random scents all day to the point where I no longer get any joy from fragrance...or so I thought. Jo Malone fragrances have now become my addiction and this is my favorite. Inviting, woody, fresh, sexy...all of it. One spritz brightens my day. I can't help but fall in love.

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Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Cathedral

Review by quantumkitten: Incensy, dark, a little musty, a little sour, a little spicy but it isn't overtly masculine as it is quite soft. Nice to sniff but not something I am itching to wear all the time. Also it does not smell nearly as awesome as real Cathedrals. St. Patrick's smells like melted candles, prayer, warmth and history not nearly this incensy and musty.

Review by fuxxy: Well, thank you Ms Hurwitz for making the spendy purchase of a bottle of L'Artisan's Passage D'Enfer no longer needed. Cathedral has the same appeal and I don't even have to wait for the drydown off the initial cologne scent as with the L'Artisan. Is it quite as refined as the Enfer? Not really, but, in a way, it is a good thing. Where Enfer is "Mozart's Requiem at St. Patrick's in NYC," Cathedral is hearing Josquin Des Prez's Agnus Dei in a rough hewn church on the Scottish countryside circa 1642.

Review by mashafromrussia: Wow, this scent practically tells you it is fall/winter. I have this on this morning and it is 50 some odd degrees outside. This smells like what an old church would smell like with no heat. Some remnants of spices left over from mass, the chill of autumn air - almost like a church that has been boarded up by still has slits of light coming in. It is very unique scent. Not for those who like perfumey scents. Overall, I like it. Thumbs up!

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Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Parfum de Luxe

Review by isabellet: french glamour star, allright but in this perfumy style that's reaally not my style. i know that i sound rather novice to you (and i know i am,i'm seriously into perfume only 2 years now)but this is old-fashioned and busy.It starts with the unmissable bergamot but it'also posses a herbal-green note, interesting and unique.the middle is really dusty. i can sense a shy tuberose( if such a thing exists)and a hint of honey.still it's not a sweet floral.the drydown smells a bit of campfire with an extra sweetness.i'm sorry but i can't understand the tobacco, but this is my problem.i'm just not trained enough. i wish someday i'll be able to adore this as much as the rest of you.this would be 3 lippies but it gets 2 because the lasting powe aat least on my skin is poor.

Review by laurilauri: Like all of DSH's creations, you will need to patiently endure some moderately offensive top notes, before you reach the lovely basenote payoff. Parfum de Luxe is quite harsh and masculine in its opening, but thankfully, smoothes out into a honeyed, ambery, tobacco concoction. As previous reviewers noted, the leitmotif of this scent is Tobacco, with a capital "T". Seriously, this could serve as the official fragrance of the Big Tobacco Industry. Having said that, I must confess a great fondness for that particular note. The only reason I gave this a "3" rating is, although this is a warm, rich and alluring creation, I think tobacco based parfum has been done better. If you love the whole amber/honey/oakmoss/tobacco thing, please give SL's Fumerie Turque or Chergui a try. They are far more complex, interesting, and hypnotic than Parfum de Luxe.

Review by abrilio: This is what I wanted Flora Napa Valley Boheme to be. It reminds me a bit of Boheme, in that it's a rich, complex, Art-Deco-type fragrance, but it doesn't gag me with the pungency of its carnation and labdanum, as Boheme unfortunately does. Parfum de Luxe will appeal to wearers who love classic, deep fragrances such as Youth Dew. I enjoy the smell but I won't purchase a bottle at this time because I have no idea where I would wear it. If I suddenly turn into an International Woman of Mystery having an affair in Paris, I'll express order this one.

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