which fragrance is the best?3 best-selling fragrances review

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which fragrance is the best?Let's see the 3 best-selling fragrances review!


Lola Cosmetics Lola Fragrance Oil

Review by oopsygirl: I was so excited to try this only to be disappointed. I do get the patchouli in it, but I get something as well that makes it smell a bit like Play-doh. Not strong and barely detectable on me. *sigh*. Oh well. Another one bites the dust.

Review by staci01: I was just about to give my Lola sample away, when the little tiny orchid seeds caught my eye. What lovely packaging. Instead of giving it away, I've used it. Much to my suprize this is a refreshingly different fragrance. It's warm and clean definitely not a floral. More of a Incense Scent. I love the way the amber, musk, and patchouli dance around the fruity notes of bergamont, currant and manderine. There is a touch of spiciness from nutmeg, that makes Lola well rounded. Usually Patchouli will turn me off to a fragrance, in Lola it's simply divine.

Review by srobinb: This is one of my favorite scents. I love herb-y, spicy scents. As I mentioned on EDS forum, the first whiff I took of this perfume oil reminded me of the first guy I was MAD about. He was kinda a pothead (this was in 1980) and Lola smells like him after he smoked weed. Weird, I know, but once those sex pheremones get associated with scent, there's no controlling them!
I wish the packaging didn't force you to use the roll-on apparatus. I think constant contact with skin oils breaks down the perfume's scent.

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Strange Invisible Perfumes Fair Verona

Review by pretty_please: Wow! Finally a Strange Invisible I can wholeheartedly recommend!!! This is gorgeous! Even the Top Notes are lovely, which is most decidedly NOT the case with most of the SI perfumes. There's something here that brings me back to my childhood. The Jasmine, Bergamot and Myrtle work beautifully together. Too bad the bottles are so TINY! If they were the same size as their testers at Barneys I'd buy this in a minute. This is the stuff of dreams...

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L'Occitane Perfume Extract- Vanilla

Review by AutumnBliss: Ooooh baby! This is some yummy stuff :) for only 10, this is such a treat! Absolutely one of the truest vanilla scents, to me it smells a whole lot like Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace body products. Needless to say, if you are a vanilla lover, you will adore this :)

Review by ahappyplace: L'Occitane Vanilla is probably one of my favourite vanilla scents. It leans towards foodie, without being too sweet, it almost reminds me of the caramelized sugar on top of a creme brulee :) It's a real winter fragrance - I find it very comforting. The perfume extracts last forever, and are great value for the price. I love how you can carry them around with you, though I've found they can leak, so it would be great if they could improve on the lid of the bottle. Apart from that, full marks for a great product.

Review by kitten75: This is the same delicious scent as the Vanilla Eau de Toilette. It comes in a tiny little bottle that you must tip to apply. I much prefer the spray Eau de Toilette as it is easier to apply but this works nicely to layer scent. It is cute but not necessary, but great size for the purse if you are looking for something tiny! Delicious fragrance.

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