which fragrance is good?3 top fragrances

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By Tifanny

which fragrance is good?Let's see the 3 top fragrances !


Boucheron Jaipur Homme

Review by marsqurine: I am a wearer of MANY colognes. Some of my current favorite are Yves Saint Laurent M7, Thierry Mugler Angel Man, L'eau Par Kenzo, Escada Magnetism, and Ralph Lauren Romance Silver. This one falls no short of all those spectacular fragrances. Jaipur Homme is not a fragrance I wear just casually, and the Eau de Parfum version that I wear is both very strong, and runs for quite a lot of money per 50ml (1.7 fl oz) bottle. Mainly I wear it for important events, or parties where there are many people, and I want to be noticed. When you wear Jaipur, you WILL be noticed. The women seem to LOVE the mix of vanilla and bergamot, and always ask me why I always smell so good. It has taken me almost 2 years, and I am still only halfway through this bottle. So the purchase is beyond worth it, very little is needed of the Eau de Parfum concentration.

Review by beckibabe: Does this contain tolu balsam? I′ve only tried this once but it reminded me very much indeed of both OJ Tolu and Rochas Absolu. I think it might be a bit sweet on a man but on a woman (this woman) it′s sensational and it lasts for ages, at least 6 hours.

Review by Stampy_76: I realize this is completely subjective, but...sexiest men's fragrance ever. Warm, spicy, a little bit sweet, and utterly elegant. Adored by myself and DH, and a few other guys I've gifted this to. I think this could be worn by a woman, as well, but I personally find it just a bit too masculine.

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Kuumba Made Water Goddess

Review by Leelee57: Mmm, I love this scent. A bit muskier than I usually like but it's light so it's nice. I just wish the roller ball on mine worked. :\

Review by lbarnold: This is a light sweet clean musk, not soapy very lightly powdery, if anything. Very nice.

Review by suze9_8: I loved this fragrance when I first smelled the sample vial I purchased on-line with an order over a year ago, but it took me a long time to actually get an larger size. powdery, sweet and musky but not along the lines of Vanilla Musk, more like sugar cookie or some kind of confection, but not cloyingly so. Nice sillage and incredibly thick as an oil, one of the thickest I've seen. I love it but wouldn't repurchase because their Tunisian Musk has stolen my heart for now.

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Trish McEvoy #6 MAndarin and Ginger Lily

Review by iberian: I love this scent, the bitter/tart mixed with fruity beginning and the soft sweet end. Too bad all these stages of fragrance happen in less than two hours. I have a hard time finding fragrances I enjoy, the MA suggested this one just through our conversations and finding out more about me. I think it was a good choice, though the longevity of this fragrance is disappointing. However I love the scent enough that I would buy another bottle if I was in the mood for a splurge.

Review by Ellz: This is light and fresh without being sickening or cloying. A unique fragrance, slightly complicated and puts something like 'Happy' to shame. Love this one!

Review by stephanie32082: I gave this fragrance high marks mostly for it's lasting power and the beautiful dry-down. I normally don't have luck with citrus scents lasting on me, but this one will stay for a good six to eight hours, easily. It is initially a somewhat bitter scent, which accounts for the point docked, but it dries down to a gorgeous tangerine with an interesting ginger tinge.

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