which fragrance is good?3 top fragrances reviews

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By Sara

which fragrance is good?Let's see the 3 top fragrances reviews!


Prestige Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose

Review by oopsygirl: This perfume reminds me of Finesse shampoo!!! Do you guys remember that shampoo, most popular in the 80's in the blue bottle? I always loved that smell-clean fruity and fresh!! I got 30mLs with a free 200mL body lotion at SDM for 40, but the free lotion is just a promotional offer. Pretty fragrance:)

Review by cyndiinphilly: It's funny that other reviewers thought that this perfume smelled of hair product; that was my first comment when I sprayed this on my wrist yesterday. It gives off a very clean, tailored scent that most people won't think to be perfume. I'm probably going to get myself a small bottle of this.

Review by Caligirl42990: TOTALLY agree with the reviewer below! Couldn't understand why this smelled nice but 'familiar.' And then I saw this review..FINESSE shampoo! It smells like pleasant hair products....
Nice but not for the price tag...This is very clean and misleading. The bottle is amazing and sexy--should have been something sensual and saucy like Gueirlan Insolence but this is...blah.
Would not purchase. Sample was good enough.

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Smell This Warm Milk essence

Review by Chloeclover: This roll on is fantastic. It smells very accurately of warm milk. It captures that sweet smell that warm milk has when you heat it up in the micro and perhaps stir in a little honey before you go to bed to help you sleep. It is subtle, and definitely not overpowering. So far, it has lasted pretty well on me. I wish this scent was easier to find. I am going to have to conserve it. Gosh, this is just LOVELY! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!

Review by isabellet: I am really enjoying the Warm Milk fragrance. I thought I'd hate it, because it smells like brown sugar...and who really does want to smell like food anyway? The scent gave me an instant headache, but I think because I put a little too much on. But here's the kicker...as soon as it dried down, it was a very pretty fragrance. It reminds me of late nights, drinking warm milk with a little sugar, talking to my mom. The big benefit, though, of these food-related fragrances, is that men go WILD for them! : )

Review by kat_25: Oh God. This is heaven. My favourite scent ever. It smells wonderful. I always carry my roll on in my purse for quick applications.

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Coty Tribe

Review by redheadjane: Wow, Tribe! I bought a bottle of this when I was a teenager and had it for years afterward although I never finished the bottle. I was attracted to the scent because it didn't smell like any of the perfumes I would use of my mom's, although Tribe was strong enough and something about it always got into my head when I wore it so I never really went nuts over it. It was more a case of me WANTING to like it more than I did. But, I would love to smell it again just for nostalgia's sake, although I feel like I can almost smell it in my imagination. I can still remember the bottle very vividly... turquoise and hot pink cap on a dark twisted glass bottle.

Review by ZoSo: My mom bought me this , when I was in junior high...'80s....I STILL have the 1oz. spray bottle....I like it , but it is very sweet smelling....really like nothing else currently made as of today . I'm sure she only paid 3.00 for it....NOW it's going for much more, if you can find it. This is kinda along the same scent as 'Exclamation' , but maybe sweeter. I think this was inspired by 'Bigan' , a perfume by a famous designer back in the '80s ....this type of scent was a huge trend , shortly after 'Giorgio' ....I like it , brings back memories of first crushes and music form the '80's!

Review by lorrainer07: Too bad they discontinued this fragrance. This is my ultimate HG. You can only find it in an itty bitty .375 ounce online for a crazy high price, but a little bit goes a long way. My boyfriend bought me a bottle last year for my birthday. Seriously, I mourned the loss of this one.

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