which fragrance is good?3 top fragrance review

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By Fiora

which fragrance is good?Let's see the 3 top fragrance review!


The Healing Garden Organics Wild Honey body mist

Review by Jaie: This fragrance started my body spray obsession! Very "shower fresh" scent, totally refreshing. Buy it, love it!

Review by francesca39: I really like this one(^_^). I put some on and it last lots of hours. But it may give me a headache if i wear it too many times. AS for the price, it was like 6 dollars(walmart) for 6 fl oz.
On the front it says, certified organic 72%.
On the back it says: "This organic wild honey body mist is a delicate fragrance blend of comforting honey, fresh hyaconth, and pink peonyto pleases the senses."
Ingridients are: Organic alcohol denat., water, alcohol denat., fragrance, organic honey, organic aloe barbadenses leaf juice, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sodium sulfite."

Review by ZoSo: Very natural honey scent, not very perfumey at all. It doesn't last particularly long, but is a great accent after using the body wash and lotion, which I can't say enough about.

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GAP Beauty Day

Review by London84: It's a shame that it's been discontinued, but I have acquired 2 bottles of Day via someone who purchased some at the outlets. That said, I really enjoy this fragrance. Perfect for hot weather and sunny days. A citrus-based scent with a little 'kick', with a touch of greenery thrown in to boot.

Review by minnielouse: I LOVED this scent. It always reminded me of Annick Goutal's Eau Hadrien. I used it all the time.
Why do they always get rid of the best scents? Loved the grass scent, too. I still have a big bottle stashed away.

Review by tippygirl: Now, this was one GAPscent that I really loved! It was a lovely blend of citrus (primarily grapefruit to my nose) with just the slightest hint of spice (cloves, I think). This was one of the best citrus scents I've encountered. Refreshing and bracing but not too bitter or too sweet. I'm surprised this got discontinued! Fortunately, it is still available at some GAP Outlet stores and I see bottles quite regularly on eBay. But this is one I'd love to see them bring back into production. I'd be first in line for a bottle!

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L'Occitane Ruban Orange EDT

Review by coolRED: This smells like fresh oranges upon first spray! The orange disappears quickly into a spicey and sweet tea scent, which lasts most of the day if you spray twice (it's fairly light and more like splash than EDT). Very refreshing and uplifting, and perfect for the spring/summer. It's quite unisex IMHO, especially the drydown. I thought it was a tad masculine at times, but still I couldn't help sniffing myself! I think it only comes in a 100ml bottle but it is good value. The fragrance was launched in spring 2007 round about the same time Cherry Blossom was launched, however, that one, whilst fresh and inoffensive, was also quite boring. Ruban Orange is completely different, and rather special, I think. The bottle isn't particularly attractive, but I would repurchase.

Review by shimmering: This is a very nice everyday fragrance. I live in Germany and this is a classic type scent here. Smells to me a lot like Eau de Lancome or Clarins. Must be some verbena there as well because it reminds me of something my grandma used to wear NOT in a bad way at all just classic and timeless. It's a refreshing scent and one that settles nicely into the skin becoming part of you. I guess just a clean, washed human smell if that makes sense! My kids like it which for a fragrance junkie like me is always an issue since if they DON'T like something they will let me know ALL DAY LONG! :P I've always had something along these lines in my fragrance rotation and suppose I always will. I like the look of the bottle-again classic styling. There's a reason scents like this stick around for literally hundreds of years!!

Review by julie9536: I was looking for an orange scent for ages, but those I tried (Biotherm, Clarins etc.) never really pleased me because there were always kind of chemical or strange notes in them I didn't like. Then I found this and was overwhelmed. A warm, fresh, very natural orange-scent, no annoying by-scents - just perfect.
Unfortunately, L'occitane is doscontinuing it, and I just snatched one of the last bottles yesterday. Very sad I think.

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