which fragrance is good?3 popular fragrance review

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By Tifanny

which fragrance is good?Let's see the 3 popular fragrance review!


Unlisted Brand Thats So Raven cologne

Review by IMAproductwhore: I wear this when I feel girly, or flirty. Its a mix of cotton candy with a hint of musk. It is deffinilty packaged towards teeny boppers lol, but can be worn by anyone.

Review by bekkbekk1985: The cashier at Wal Mart looked at me like I was a nut for buying this, but I don't care I love this scent! It reminds me of Pink Sugar. Sort of like cotton candy mixed with berry. It's a bit strong, so you don't have to spray a lot on, which is good. It was also pretty cheap, around 11 for the 30 ml. I'll buy it again, but bring my niece a long so I don't look dumb.

Review by blacklittlepig: I sniffed this in Wal-Mart the other night, just on a whim. It smelled really berry-ish, but on the skin it's a more lovely, complex scent. To my nose it's a little citrusy, a little cotton candy, a tiny watermelon and a generous dab of berries. This scent really reminds me of a scent that I loved as a child. I seem to remember some scented doll or another kid's-type fragrance perhaps, I wish I could remember!
It's not a strong scent, so I thought that the staying power would be marginal. To my surprise it was still "there" hours later.
I went back and bought it, I think it was 12.77 for an ounce. The Bottle is really cute, a pink cube. I just wish the lettering wasn't so generic-looking. Oh well, it is a kid's fragrance afterall!

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Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Zen

Review by aznbebebabe: Against all odds I loved this one to bits! Fresh, cool, clean, serene scent, simply beautiful.

Review by jenss79: this is supposed to be cucumber, green tea, and honey. i smell mainly the cucumber and honey, and its delicious! the cucumber makes it fresh while the honey adds a yum factor.

Review by ooliedonna: Zen is a wonderfully light fragrance, which will be perfect for summer.
It smells so clean and fresh but it has a note of warmth to it which really makes it stand out from the crowd.
Definitely worth a sample at the very least.

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Ormonde Jayne Frangipani Absolute parfum

Review by Farra: The best frangipani I've ever smelled. This is not a perfumey rendition, but as if you stuck your nose right into the flower. Incredible. I am always on a quest for realistic scents (though I appreciate the others too!) in particular for white flowers. This is a delicate lingering light scent--not heavy or dense but it immediately transports you to a garden. Again, I have never even heard of this before (OJ yes, but not this scent) and I am overjoyed to have sampled it. It will definitely go on the buy list.

Review by zhenya: Well, this is hard to resist! A creamy white floral with top note of linden blossom, which my nose translates as a fresh green apple. As it dries down, it keeps the freshness in a remarkable way and out of this green floral, fruity freshness comes a buttery note with hints of coconut (it's not listed as a note as far as I know - maybe it's the vanilla that plays with me?) Sillage is nice and staying power is excellent - I put this on at 7am and at 4pm a colleague asked what smelled so good! (I just assumed it was me;-) And this is the EdP...

Review by bobsy: I love delicate frangipani. It's one of the few white florals that doesn't sour on me, and this is a gorgeous version. Fresh and alive but soft, sweet, and creamy, too. I wish it had more lasting power/ throw, but that's tough to do with such a delicate scent. Worth the price of a sample.

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