which fragrance is good?3 easy to use fragrance review

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By Monica

which fragrance is good?Let's see the 3 easy to use fragrance review!


The Body Shop Limited Edition Lotus Petal Eau De Toilette

Review by Cristy1970: I love this smell.. not at all puffy and reminds me of the modest vera wang perfume. I personally use it to layer on other watery flowery perfumes when they fade so the new spritz doesnt become too offensive. It's lightness is perfect to spray on in public or in my little cubicle at work before I go home. I wish they will make this a regular as I'd hate to see it go!

Review by stellaluna2: This is a very lovely white floral with a dominant lotus flower note as the name would suggest. I really really love the shower gel version of this fragrance and decided to get the bottle. It is a light fragrance, perfect for daytime or a downbeat night out, very inoffensive and yet quite complex. Sad that this is a limited edition and doesn't come in a perfume oil (I love TBS' perfume oils!) Sadly, I don't have an overall good experience of TBS EDT's - my Oceanus went bad on me in 2 years, so I know what I'm paying for. I wish TBS would keep this scent around! White floral is a noticeable gap in their fragrance lines.
Edit: Don't use this as much as I thought

Review by scrapdoll: I got this as a gift so I'm guessing on the price (a cursory google search turns up results from 3 to 16 so I have no idea...), and I never wear perfumes (no interest in them), so I really have no idea how you'd evaluate one...The scent is pleasant enough, although my friend commented it was 'strong'...but I suppose it's a clean, fresh and slightly floral kind of smell, not musky...It seems to wear off pretty fast though. I guess even though I'm not into perfumes I'd wear it anyway, since its inoffensive and pleasant...Wouldn't rebuy though, and that's no fault of the perfume, just my general disinterest in perfumes as a whole.

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Houbigant Apercu

Review by julie9536: Apercu is such an extravagant and warm chypre. It does remind me of holidays like what other reviewers noted here. It doesn't turn old and musty on me like what Y (by YSL) did. It's quite pricey maybe because of its rarity. But it's well worth of your investment. Since my review is on EDT, I'm wondering how much more I would be in love with an EDP.

Review by lipstickcrazy: I'm giving this a four in deference to the fact that I've just now realized that I'm not a chypre fan and this is definitely a chypre. It's soft, old style and definitely vintage. (My sample is vintage, but I mean that in a fragrance blend sort of way.) It reminds me very much of the old Avon and Coty chypres, soft and warm and drying down to powdery sweet moss on my skin. It is a combination that strikes me as extremely old fashioned, rather than timeless, so I realize I am in a minority here. Nonetheless, Apercu is a lovely example of this type of fragrance, very well blended, layered and multi-toned without being fussy or overdone. If you like old-style Chypre, this is a must try.

Review by ZoSo: Originally reviewed on 10/13/2004 5:45:00 PM.
This is a very strong, old fashioned classic. Starts out with a strong note of bergamot and neroli, and a faint note of jasime and tuberose struggles to come through. After a few minutes a note of vetiver, ylang ylang, patchouli and oakmoss pops out. This is a magnificent, complex perfume, a classic chypre with woody notes, yet it's not too sharp. Beautiful!

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Lorenzo Villoresi Garofano

Review by nina: One of the things I love about LV is that his fragrances are always so unique. Yes, as mentioned in a review below Donna and Garofano have a similarity - a paternity test would not be required to prove that they are siblings. They have the LV stamp on them without doubt. However, that's fine with me since I find both to be so gorgeous and they certainly are unique in the sense that all of LV's creations are clearly his own - he could never be accused of scent plagiarism. This is a green, very spicy carnation with some rose and jasmine for added depth and interest. It's a vibrant, unabashedly sexy, cheerful scent. It's not a demure carnation in the least. I adore it.

Review by funkybabe: I received a sample of this and tested it on my skin, eager to see what exactly Villoresi's version of a carnation fragrance would be as compared to, say, Bellodgia (which is my favorite carnation fragrance.) I'm not thrilled with the greenness of this fragrance, like smashed leaves, a little bitter in comparison to the sweet carnation/rose here. IMHO this fragrance holds on to the green a little too long.
Verdict: Bellodgia is still the standard for carnation fragrances.
I won't be buying Garofano.

Review by Alexis: Oh dear. I really wanted to like this, partially because I do love carnation and partially because there must be one LV scent I like. Not yet though. The first note to hit me was an overpowering but thank goodness very shortlived whiff of synthetic banana. Then the carnation came through and that improved matters. However as it dries down there is a noticeably cheesy undertone which really spoils this for me. Maybe I got a bad decant. Who can tell. My recommendation for beautiful carnation scents are first Santa Maria Novella Garofano, secondly Bellodgia and a distant third (and only if you like jammy fruity notes) Malmaison.

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