which foundation primer is good?3 top foundation primer

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By Stella

which foundation primer is good?Let's see the 3 top foundation primer !


Agnes B. Touche Lissante

Review by bobsy: This product really makes my complexion pretty. When I use it before my sunscreen and BE foundation, it seems to smooth over the tiniest imperfections to create a nice canvas for the rest of my makeup. I also use Clinique Instant Pore Perfector and Cle De Peau Pore Correcteur. This product by agnes b. is good for anywhere on the face where the other two seem to work best for pores on the nose that need filling in. Highly recommend and a definite repurchase.

Review by edie4711: Cannot do without this great product, the make up goes on smoother after you apply this.

Review by Jennybear: AWESOME product! This product really should be marketed as a mattifier, since that's what it really does. It's my new standby, to replace the dreadful Body Shop mattifier I used to use. I don't see much benefit to buying this unless you have oily skin or large pores, like me. When I smooth it on, it goes on silky (not greasy like Body Shop's), and all traces of pores seem to vanish. Lasts for hours. You can also add makeup on top if need be (concealer, blush, etc.) and it'll adhere, not slide right off. I cannot live without this!

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Pur Minerals Color Correcting Primer

Review by Cristy1970: I purchased this item at Ulta and was told by the sales person that it is comparable to Smash Boxes Primer, but, would actually help treat my acne (unlike Smash Box). When I put this on my face it felt like silk! It made such a smooth base for my mineral make up and keeps my face soft (not oily) all day long. As another reviewer mentioned, it is not a miracle product and will not erase your flaws, but it does tone down the redness of my acne/acne scars and produces a smooth, matte base for my makeup. Although a bit on the expensive side for me (30), I will make this product a staple in my make up routine!

Review by navarre: This is my HG primer!! It's so much more than a primer though. I have some redness in my cheeks, and some old minor scarring from some acne. This covers the redness really well and is such a great base for my powder foundation. My skin looks flawless after use and keeps my makeup on all day, seriously. I do have oily skin and although the oil eventually seeps out after a long day, I only have to use one blot sheet the entire day. This stuff is easy to blend and I do so with a angled cream blush brush. You really have to blend though or the green is very obvious or you get a ghostly white face. Best of all, doesn't break me out and I've been using now for about a month. Fantastic stuff!! Highly recommend!!

Review by spitfireseven: I bought this product because my face was breaking-out and It was really red. I was using Lorac AquaPrime but it felt like it was breaking me out whenever I used it. But I love this product! Since I have super oily, sensitive skin, I thought this would make me breakout too but it didn't. I've only been using this for a couple of days but this really helps to cover the redness in the skin better. My skin feels so soft after putting this on. It's a great primer even if you don't have acne. And this keeps my makeup in place the whole day even after a work out.

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Guerlain Divinora Pure Radiance

Review by roxiblue: I have been looking and looking for the perfect primer for my powder foundations and at last the HOLY GRAIL! I have older oily skin and hate those MOISTURIZING primers because they add to my problem of creasing and settling in the lines with my powder foundations and then shine on through in an hour. This is wonderful - a smooth and flawless finish and the powder just adds a fine mist and no caking and no shine. I definitely have to have a back-up on this gem!

Review by taurusgurl5984: I got a generous sample of this product after buying (and returning) the Parure powder foundation. This "primer" is a liquid which is not very silicony with pieces of gold suspended in it. It did nothing for my skin at all - I have no idea what kind of product this is supposed to be. Even the gold flakes did nothing for my skin. Tossed it and will not repurchase.

Review by ZoSo: this product does highlighten tho the "gold" particles made me itch a little bit the gel is what pretty much highlights your skin by making it glow not the gold particles they pretty dissapear once on though gives good glow for quite a while bit expensive though overall pretty good !! :)

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