which foundation makeup is the best?3 effective foundation makeup

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By Helen

which foundation makeup is the best?Let's see the 3 effective foundation makeup !


Givenchy Sublimine

Review by London84: the coverage is really nice. It's medium to full so that gives you options. I like the finish... it's a bit dewy and just super smooth. The product smells great.. it has rose water extract in it. Oily skin have to stay away from this.. .it may make you look oilier.

Review by taskeeng: good foundation for dry skin, but not at all for combination or oily.
Great package.

Review by cloud0204: I bought this foundation from Strawberry net, for a slightly reduced price. At the time I was having a bad break out and could not use it as it didn't cover much. However now, my skin is in a much better condition, and I absolutely LOVE it! It is almost like a tinted moisturiser. I have it in #103 Exact Cream, and while it is yellow based, and just a tad dark for my skin tone (i am pale), good blending makes it look natural. It has a slight 'pearly' sheen, and a dewy finish, which looks very flattering. What I love most about it is that it makes your skin glow, like from within, and it has a very natural finish - does not make you look made up. It's best to use on your 'good skin' days, to make it look great. I would definitely pay full price if I had to, worth every cent :)

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Chanel Lift Lumiere Fluid

Review by jenss79: Excellent product for mature skin. It makes my skin look flawless. I need to use very little to get nice coverage. Lift Lumiere is extremely expensive, but as little as you need to use, it will last a long time. I will definitely purchase this product again.

Review by ninanina: I love this product!
-Its great for my light skin tone (20 clair)
-Its finish is amazing( not cakey at all)
-It has SPF to keep my skin safe from the sun
-I can feel a difference in the firmness of my skin
-Makes my skin feel soft and smooth(not sticky)
The only problem is it is a bit hard to apply otherwise,

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: Love this for my 45 year old aging skin! Its wonderful!

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Fancl Fancl Belmeil Milky Foundation

Review by kimby83: great nice looking coverage, don't know why i never try my sample that fancl gave me when they launch the new fancl makeup line in US. i have the sample in 03, it's just a bit light for me right now cause of my summer tan, but in winter it will be perfect. doesn't clog pores and last long enough for me, 6 hrs. i will get the full size of this again. *i got this in 04 and it match my light tan summer skin perfectly. been a long time that a foundation can match my skin tone and color so perfectly, i'll stick to fancl milky foundation just for that reason, and of course...it doesn't break me out too =]

Review by Springncts: The shade 02 suits Asian girls with fair skinned tone like me. It looks very natural on my skin and cover the marks well. My only complain is that the pricing and size of the product.

Review by belladoggie00: I mix this foundation with a bit of moisturizer to get a thinner texture as it can be quite heavy, at least i feel that it is heavy on my face. This is good but it doesn't stay on long, i can feel it slidding off my face in the middle of the day.
My only complain is that you cannot keep this product for too long because of its short life span, I don't use fnd everyday and hardly can finish this. Will not buy it again.

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