which foundation makeup is good?3 good foundation makeup

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By Stella

which foundation makeup is good?Let's see the 3 good foundation makeup !


Guerlain DIVINORA Ultra-Fluid Foundation (oil-free)

Review by AutumnBliss: This is a lovely foundation that goes on very light, but with medium to full coverage, and blends easily. My only complaint is that after wearing it for more than a few hours, it tends to slip around on my face too much, resulting in streaks. It is perfect for a night out but I don't like to wear it to the office when I don't have the opportunity to regularly check my makeup. Get a sample if you can first.

Review by ciarar: well after reading the rave review here, I had to try it..and honestly..I wasn''t disappointed AT ALL..In fact, I LOVE THIS!! I'm so glad that someone (BEVERLYS) reviewed this, so I could discover it. It goes on sheer, but with enough coverage to give you that flawless look without looking "fake". It also has an spf so it's good for those who are sun-conscious.

Review by Jennybear: I got this on sale - it's the first time i've tried any make-up from guerlain, and this is just great! It's almost water-like in texture and glides right on. Normally i don't like totally oil-free foundations, cause they tend to "sit" on my sometimes surface-dry skin - but this one doesn't! The only foundation i've tried that i like better is a chanel (also a fluid foundation, don't remember the name). I will definately buy this again, think it'll work even better in the summer.

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Face Stockholm Matte Foundation

Review by cweiss: Good: evens out skin tone well without looking unnatural when applied with a damp sponge. Not oily, but not powdery either (I have combination skin). Feels good. Bad: The glass bottle looks stylish, but makes me nervous (my bathroom floor is tiled), and makes it impossible to get everything out. It doesn't cover blemishes. Applied with a dry sponge for coverage, it looks rather unnatural. I would probably buy it again, since it is the best match for my skintone I have found yet.

Review by sophie_tan: I have this foundation in Cream, a lovely colour for me. I like how natural the foundation looks, not too matte and certainly not oily. I do agree with previous posters though: As nice as it looks, the bottle really isn't a hit.. A pump would make it perfect! =)

Review by Lola_Bear: Some areas in my skin look really yellow sometimes, the face stockholm pink foundation is a corrector that works wonders. You need very little of it, however I have noticed if you apply a lot of it in a huge surface area it stretches and dries the skin, so application with another cream/moisturizer(i use a bit of sunscreen) or in small areas, even just on top of my layer of foundation+ powder, works wonders!!
This product should last me a few yrs, but if it goes bad it is good to have it when needed..

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Max Factor Seamless Foundation Stick

Review by minnielouse: I use this in toasted almond. It blends in sheer and stays put. I agree that it needs to be set with powder, but does not look caked on. No breakouts so far. Good buy!

Review by bastet: A great concealer as well as a dab as you need it foundation. I just dab it on a few areas and voila, perfect skin!
I love the light scent of it,too. Doesn't bother my acne prone skin at all.
Has been on the market for decades and now you know why.

Review by biomechmonster: This one is too waxy for my liking, although I bought it as a concealer stick and the covearge is decent. Used as a foundation, the results are disastrous and the color I purchased (ivory) is WAY darker (more like a LIGHT) than ivory should be. I purchased because a coworker always used this and on her it really works, but on me its just clumpy. Maybe because I have oily skin and she doesn't? (UPDATE): I think this actually is the only concealer when used sparingly that looks natural and not like makeup on me. The trick was switching to darker makeup and powder to match, which is actually more flattering anyway, and now I don't look like such a ghosty.

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