which face treatment is the best?3 best-selling face treatments

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By Christina

which face treatment is the best?Let's see the 3 best-selling face treatments !


Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle & Nail Moisture Treatment Pen

Review by bossanovaville: This is a great product for someone suffering from dry, cracked or parched cuticles - everything I suffer from. The pen is very easy and convenient to use and I would highly recommend it. However, I went through it so quickly because I needed to use it several times a day and was finished it almost a week-and-a-half after purchasing it. I'm looking for something else, but if you don't need to use it more than once or twice a day this is a great product.

Review by lbarnold: The packaging is so convenient it actually motivated me to begin paying attention to my nails. The smell is not strong, so it doesn?t give me a headache when I use it, which is always a plus. I do not like the COLOUR of the packaging (thus here goes on lippie) - it is simply too pink and signals...well..."air-head" which is not cool if you ever feel like bringing this outside your house.

Review by Chloeclover: I bought this becasue the whole idea of a cuticle pen was good. I thought it would be a lot easier to start taking care of my nails more. Well sure enough I was right this product was great I really love how it is mess free, unlike other products where your hands end up being drenched in oil. This is virtually mess free and very very convenient. I will continue to use this product.

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Yves Rocher Bio Specific Pore Regulation Deep Treatment Balancing Gel

Review by oopsygirl: I've already finish with one jar of the Balancing Gel... But I didn't notice any difference. It didn't control the oil/shine on my face, or provide any moistures... Perhaps it is because I have combination? My pores didn't improve at all...

Review by bebejacket: I agree w/ other poster's about this cream's ability at controlling oil - I apply at bedtime. But I made the mistake of buying the, cheaper tube. It's terribly small, and you can't set it down un-capped, or the product drips all over the counter. Next time, I'll buy the jar. Also, I enjoy the powdery scent.

Review by Elixir: This stuff is the bomb. Got it because my combo/oily skin going crazy in heat and am drowning in oil. First, you have to use as directed, i.e. wash face, then put on gel. it's for freshly washed skin. Second, it is treatment, not instant solution. Third, use day and night. What happens is, first day or two you won't notice much. It goes on shiny, dries tightening pores somewhat, but also dries shiny. After a few days, however, I noticed oil production WAY down. Just to test, after using few weeks I stopped. In three days, face began getting oily thing going again. Smells pleasant and herbal, I've had no redness or reaction. Often combine with matte toner. Got the pore regulation matte moisturizer, but don't use it unless a dry area. No zits, face less oily, more balanced. And wi/their specials, you're bound to get great price on it at some point.

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Almay Blemish Healer

Review by francesca39: I bought this product a long time ago, but never really used it,. it just kind of sat on my shelf, until last night when i noticed i was starting to break out so i smeared the stuff all over the blemishes, and for about 5 seconds it burned like hell, then the next morning i woke up and the acne was noticably smaller! most of the small bums were cleared! i was so surprised! my skin was smoother, and not flaky, i was amazed. i don't know why it took me so long to use this stuff, but now that i know how awesome it is , when i use this stuff up i'll definetly be repurchasing.

Review by coolRED: Clear gel spot-treatment for blemishes. This is part of Almay's new 1-2-3 line of products, and belongs with the "Oily Skin" group of products. It contains Meadowsweet which is a natural source of salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is very good for drying up and healing acne blemishes. This contains 1% salicylic acid so it is effective, yet will NOT overdry skin or cause flaking. Meadowseet is also a natural source of vitamins A, C and E which all contribute to the healing properties of this gel treatment. I use this just when I need it on individual blemishes, and it helps heal them up fast. I have been using the entire Almay 1-2-3 line for Oily skin and I am very pleased with all of the products! All of the products for Oily skin contain the Meadowsweet ingredient, and all are packaged in the same pale sunshine yellow colored containers so they are easy to find. 5 lippies! :)

Review by franjipany: This may be the best acne spot treatment I have ever tried. Helps clear blemishes without dryness, redness, or flaking.

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