which face toner ranking first?3 popular face toner

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which face toner ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular face toner !


Kanebo Whitening Clear Conditioner

Review by ooliedonna: This stuff removed any traces of makeup that the claywash conditioner didn't get rid of and it left my skin feeling smooth and ready for the milky conditioner. Sadly, I did not see any whitening effect and so will not be repurchasing.

Review by kimmie578: This is one of the few product that I constantly use and get the same effective result every time. This is not exactly a toner but rather a conditioner that you use before you tone your face. It is suppose to whiten your complextion by reducing redness and prevent breakouts. It certainly has done everything it has promised. Although this is not a miraculous product, over time it has certainly reduced the redness on my face and evened out any problems I have on my skin. The price is not too bad for what it does, the packaging isn't great but again for the result it gives it isn't too much of an issue.

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Biomedic Conditioning Solution Lotion Exfoliante

Review by guitarzan: I've been using this product since February, I have also been doing a set of chemical peels for a break out I had this past winder over a sephora recommended product -Boscia Vitamin C serum (it killed me). Anyways, I use this after my cleanser (La Roche -Posay Biomedic Antibac Acne Wash or Toleriane purifying foaming cream - I alternate between the 2 every other wk). This has both Salicylic and Glycolic Acid, so when you 1st start using you will feel it (tingly but nothing major). This product is not drying and you think it would b/c of the "acids" but its very soothing. I would definetly recommend this to my olive toned sisters, who have post acne scars this product does lighten them up. Check out my pix.

Review by suze9_8: I had a generous sample bottle of this last year, and I loved it! There was enough there for almost a month, which was enough time to see if this was a good product or not. I was given this by a neighborhood medical esthetician, and then later they discontinued carrying the Biomedic products:(. But I just got their e-mail newsletter where they say they are carrying them once more. Anyhow, this is GOOD stuff, my skin started looking a good bit brighter within that time frame, and felt nice and smooth. I eased into it, starting with every other day at first and working up to once daily, which was as much as my skin could handle as it is pretty strong. Not at all drying though, which I thought it might be, since it is a toner which I don't ordinarily use. This changed my mind though.

Review by taskeeng: I have been using this on and off for years, but lways come back to it. It is high medical grade results with the Biomedic products. The person behind the Biomedic line has branched out on her own and is now known for the VERY popular product line known as "Philosophy". Not alot of people know that! Biomedic is a solid line of results forward products. I use the conditioning solution and the Purifying cleanser and it makes my acne prone skin near flawless. I urge everyone who struggles with their skin to give it a try. It shrank my pores and cleaned 'em out.

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MD Forte Glycare 1

Review by iberian: Well, I really prefer Aqua Glycolic's toner to this. This made my skin look a little ruddy. The ingredients are almost the same but to me they're quite different. Aqua Glycolic smoothed and MD Forte made my pores look larger and rough. Aqua Glycolic's packaging is MUCH better and you get much more for the price.

Review by oneofmylies99: I amazed how gentle and effective this is given its ingredients (e.g. alcohol and menthol). I use it especially on my t-zone and it really helps with clogged pores without irritation. It even works on the rest of my sensitive skin without any problems. I am so pleasantly surprised. I received this in a swap, but would buy it again because it's relatively inexpensive. (I may also try a drugstore equivalent like Aqua Glycolic toner also.)

Review by bastet: This product was much too strong for my normal, seasonally variable, acne-prone skin. I use glycolic acid without problems, so it must have been a reaction to the alcohol in it. The percentage isn't given, but it's listed as the second ingredient after water. In fact, all of the MD Forte Glycare products contain alcohol as well as glycolic acid, making them very potent and potentially drying and irritating for all but the sturdiest oily skin. I like other products in this line such as the glycolic cleansers, but I think this is an overpriced product considering its ingredients.

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