which face toner ranking first?3 best face toner

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By Stella

which face toner ranking first?Let's see the 3 best face toner !


Physicians Formula Gentle Refreshing Toner for dry to very dry skin

Review by rebec75: If you're looking for a quality, basic, gentle and inexpensive toner- this is hands down your best bet. It's not a HG for me, but I would def return to it if I run out of options. No alcohol, no fragrance, no witch hazel and no irritating herbal extracts. It's quite a unique formula actually. I took off one lippie for the blue dye used (although it never bothered me), and it's lack of a refreshing feeling afterwards. Def worth a try though- I actually used it for some time before wanting to try something else.

Review by Vaniessa: I bought this toner repeatedly for years. Formula is perfect for my very dry skin, but I still used it when I was combo b/c it didn't feel like it was overstripping my skin. It's also very soothing to the skin when it feels irritated - calms irritation right down.

Review by amystar: I absolutely love this toner! i used to use clinique's toner, and it was wayyyy too harsh and terrible for winter time. it is definitely refreshing and doesn't burn. removes dirt and oil while hydrating. gentle enough to use every morning prior to makeup and also great to use before touching up to avoid piling up makeup. the only thing that sucks is that you have to buy it online, ive never been able to find it in stores.

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Caudalie Eau de Raisin Hydratante - Grape Water

Review by tippygirl: When I first bought this, which was right after Shu Uemura's Lavender, I HATED it for it smells like dried raisin that has been burned. LOL, I know, but at first it really did smell like it.
So I decided I'll just use this up really quick, so I sprayed it all over my body, my neck, and face, and soon after, I must say, I have grown to love this product. Since it became my love, the smell wasn't that bad as I first thought.
This is super fine mist, and I also like I can just press down the lever as long as I want the mist to go. No click-click with this. Since this is so finely misted :) it is better to set my makeup than use it as prep-moisturizer.
It's also very refreshing during the day when I feel hot and dehydrated.

Review by biomechmonster: Like many reviewers before me, I think this is an indulgence- and I treat it just like that. when my dry skin is thirsty, I like to wash it and spray this on. my biggest complaint about this is the spray is way to heavy, rather than a light mist. so it's no good at setting makeup for me. and it isnt moisturizing enough for dry skin to use alone, so after I spray it on and leave for a couple minutes for it to soak in, I put a moisturizer over it to seal its (hopefully) hydrating qualities in. I am not big on the fragrance as others are- though I usually love the smell of Caudalie's products.

Review by dxgirly: This is just the same as water in a spray bottle, yet Caudalie charges 13 for 3.4 oz! It's pleasant to spritz on when it's hot, but no more pleasant than just spritzing on plain water. The fact the water is distilled from grapes doesn't mean anything -it's still just water but with a little fragrance of grape. provided no moisturizing benefits or any benefits at all to skin. I used the whole bottle - it seriously does nothing other than feel cool and refreshing, but it's a rip off to pay 13 for that! Does not work well to set makeup either - the spritz is too heavy -it wets the face instead of a light spritz to set makeup. MAC Fix+ is much better and actually has some ingredients to moisturize.

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DDF Glycolic Toner 10

Review by hersheyb: my acne has dried up! this is great!! It does sting a little when applied. Especially if you use the ddf glycolic wash.. but It hasnt irritated my skin yet even though my skin is quite sensitive BUT because of the reviews ive read on here I'm trying to limit the use to twice a week just to be on the safe side... I also use differin but my skin is now silky smooth... can't ask for anything more!

Review by KateN: I love this toner! I have super oily skin but I only use this at night. I think it would be too much if I used it twice a day. This has made my skin so much smoother and it has cut down my hormonal breakouts by about 95%!!!
I still don't understand why people with the wrong skin type try this product and then bring it's rating down. It's a shame.

Review by Elixir: I don't think i can say enough good things about this product. Only after one week of use, i've already noticed a visible difference in my pore size and i definately have less zits. Not to mention my acne scars are also lighter. even though this isn't alcohol-free, it doesn't sting my eyes at all. unllike Murad's clarifying toner, which made my eyes water. If you want smooth, clear skin, you have to give this one a try! (3/21) This has definately moved into HG grounds. My skin is less oily and I'm breaking out a lot less than I used to. YAY!

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