which face toner is good?3 good face toner

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By Tifanny

which face toner is good?Let's see the 3 good face toner !


BeneFit Alpha Smooth

Review by peachy905: At first this helped my skintone but after repeated use it did nothing for my skintone.

Review by auth: Ick! This left me feeling VERY greasy, and I didn't feel like it was doing a good job. This toner is SUPPOSED to be infused with ginseng, and AHAs that exfoliate while you tone. It feels gross. No thanks :(

Review by CherryBlossom03: Hey Now, this is one nice toner. Benefit really has some neat tricks up it's sleave. And this is definitely one of those secrets. A nice, easy going, soft feeling toner w/ a light ginger scent. Small packaging. Feels nice going on, feels nice afterwards, no breakouts of course. Leaves skin feeling clean. Also contains 5% aha. What more could you want. I got this on ebay for 6. : )

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L'Occitane Immortelle Essential Water for Face

Review by pulidobl: Love this water,feeling soft with good scents after use.My face feels prepare for next step moisturizing.
willing to re-purchase!

Review by dastac: Lovely toner...visibly softened my face; I'm becoming a big Immortelle fan!

Review by IMAproductwhore: I like this toner. It's alcohol free and softly refreshing my skin. I like the scent, too.

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DHC DHC Soothing Lotion

Review by betsyab: I really like this toner. It adds a lot of moisture and my skin never feels itchy or tight after using. It does have some AHA properties but despite my sensitivity to those normally - this did not cause any bad reaction. This one is great and is the least expensive of the DHC toners. Well worth it.

Review by Newme: It's been a little over a 2 weeks since I have been using this and so far not breakouts! I feel like my combo/oily skin is more matte and the pores are less visible. But that could also be from the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil I also just started trying. The glass bottle makes it quite hard to travel with but this is cheaper than my old toner, Shiseido's Pureness Anti-Shine Lotion.

Review by oopsygirl: This is my favorite toner. I bought it back in December because my skin gets drier in the winter, and it made my skin feel so soft. Sometimes, I don't put a mosturizer after this and my skin still feels soft. One bottle lasts a long time. It's June now and I still have a little more than half left, even though I use it everyday. My skin is starting to get oilier now that it's almost summer, but so far, I haven't had any break outs with this. I will repurchase.

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