which face skin care ranking first?3 effective face skin care

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By Tifanny

which face skin care ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective face skin care !


Yon-Ka Creme 93

Review by dastac: Ack this is horrible stuff. I've used this for a week now and I just hate it. It stings my face for a start. Horrible itchy tight feeling, yet it sits like a greasy film on my skin. It does seem to minimise pores, but I just can't hack the feeling of it on my skin. It also smells like coal tar soap. Horrible, horrible stuff on my skin, just not for me.

Review by tambien: Let me put it this way : since I use this stuff, I don't even get one single zit during my PMS period.
UPDATE ! Mixed with 3 drops of Juvénil lotion, the best skin I have had in years.

Review by roxiblue: I am addicted to this cream. I was convinced that YonKa creams were just too heavy for my sensitive, oily, breakout prone skin... Until I tried this one. Ylang Ylang oil is my favorite essential oil, so this is a joy to apply, it smells great (not at all like coal tar, IMO). It has the classic YonKa super-thick buttery texture, so I use a teeny tiny amount and mix it with toner (whatever I have on hand, but it's beautiful to mix it with YonKa's Lotion PG). It's not really all that mattifying or pore refining, but it's non-greasy, Ylang is excellent for balancing oil production, and it doesn't make me break out at all. Which I can't say for any of the other YonKa creams including the beloved Pamplemousse.

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Yon-Ka Nutri Contour, Eye & Lip Cream

Review by miss_mac: I love this eye cream for the colder months - very moisturizing without feeling heavy or greasy. Does not burn or sting my eyes - very soothing.

Review by fuxxy: Have been using this for about two months. I like how creamy it is and makes my concealer smooth on and doesn't set into the fine lines that are starting to show around my eyes (age: 25). I use whatever is left from my eyes on my lips. Bought this on ebay for about 25. I like the way my face looks in the morning when I apply at night- very rested even if I don't get much sleep. Would buy again unless I find something that can help conceal my dark circles.

Review by betsyab: This is my absolutely "to die for" eye cream. I've finally found my HG! I use it on both eyes and lips and it makes my skin super soft. Actually, my skin has never looked better.
If I would buy this again? Of course I would! Actually, it's the 3rd time I'm buying this. Huge love for this one!

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L'Occitane Ultra Moisturizing Night Care - 15 Shea Butter

Review by lipstik: I just get sample before and realy love it ,..but verry sad think this just out the market not again continue this item ,..i swear this so lovely product i ever use in winter tiem i felt like baby skin after i use this product .but((((((((((why they not continue ,....

Review by kimmie578: Love L'Occitane, very moisturizing, soothing, love the way I smell w/all their products. Would recommend, but not on oily skin. But the smell is sooooooo strong, I'm gonna have to rate it a three, and say maybe i would buy it again??? FOR DRYNESS, it's a yes, if you can stand the strong scent.

Review by SisleyAus: This is the cream I used before I discovered the Honey Cream. It is a nice moisturizer for those winter months.

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