which face skin care is the best?3 top face skin cares

By Fiora

which face skin care is the best?Let's see the 3 top face skin cares !


L'Occitane Olive Harvest Face Scrub Mud

Review by lipstickcrazy: Love the product...It exfoliate my skin and leave my face so smooth. I have very dry skin. Normally when I use other brands' scrub, they all dry my skin. But this one 's the best I've every used ^^

Review by LuiLui: This stuff is fantastic. It's so luxuriant. Just dampen skin at the sink, rub this on in circles and then step in the shower. O, how heavenly! After it's rinsed off, I feel a little 'smooth'. Perhaps it's the olive oil. I don't know, but this stuff is really great. Just the smell has me smiling in the shower. I don't rinse till right before I'm ready to get out. LOVE IT!!!!

Review by SisleyAus: One of my favorite ways to pamper myself! I slather the product on my face and evenly distribute. Then I gently run an electric toothbrush to exfoliate (a method I learned online from Ricebunny). I leave the scrub on as a mask for a few minutes before rinsing it off. My face feels so smooth and soft. Regular use gives you this glow too! I've tried it on my brother and he went and got his own tub. It might not seem so hygenic because the scrub is in a tub. Just wash your hands and make sure they're dry before you reach in to scoop some out. And don't double dip!

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Neova Neova Antioxidant Therapy

Review by redheadjane: I, too, love this stuff! It comes in a bottle with a dropper, and a little goes a long way. I like to put the eye therapy or the night cream over it. no smell, which I appreciate on my face for a treatment product.will have to revisit this review after I use the whole bottle- and will tell you if I see any noticeable difference in my skin

Review by sjcsmall: This stuff is great. I've been using it for 2 weeks and my skin looks beautiful. Plus there is a decent amount of medical evidence supporting that this stuff is actually beneficial to skin. I like it, although I might try prevage when I'm done with this bottle. I use this morning and night, although every other night I use RoC retinol actif pur instead.
After 3 months, the weather got hot and this stuff gave my normally dry, clear skin pimples and MILIA! As soon as I stopped wearing it my skin got better. Try at your own risk. It looked beautiful for a few months, maybe use it only in wintertime. I won't use it again.

Review by Jessimau: This product is amazing. I notice lines in my eye area and I put this on before my eye cream and I notice a huge difference in my eye area. I also put it it my naso labial folds and they are as defined. It contains GHK copper peptide which is a proven wrinkle reducer

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Boots Cucumber Facial Scrub

Review by sleepyone: I use this scrub in the shower once or twice a week and not only does it smell heavenly, it's very gentle and it gives my skin that clean feeling without drying it out.

Review by biomechmonster: This is a really lovely, gentle product! It comes in a very basic, green pacakge and comes out easy without spilling. I suppose it is like a very very gentle exfoliator and leaves my skin clean feeling and glowy. I'm not sure but I think it is suitable for daily use, at least I use it frequently and have no problems whatsoever despite my sensitive skin. This gives cheap products a good name! Sometimes Boots are great for the basic, non-fussy essentials!

Review by munchlaxy: This is a BRILLANT face scrub. Gentle but enough to really scrub away those dead skill cells and it really brightens my skin. I've used expensive face scrubs till now but nothing beats this.Will rephurchase.

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