which face skin care is the best?3 easy to use face skin care

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By Christina

which face skin care is the best?Let's see the 3 easy to use face skin care !


Stila skin visor

Review by julie9536: I would have to agree with another reviewer--I also didn't find this sunscreen to be totally matte. For the 30 pricetag I expect more than a cheap looking tube and a not so impressive formulation on already existing products out there that are found for much less.

Review by AimeeO: This sunblock is great. I love how light it feels. It quickly absorbs into the skin and didn't make me look oily.

Review by isabellet: I got this product in the SPF 50, which I understand is different from the 30 in that it is more broad spectrum. When applied alone (after cleansing), it sunk in quite quickly and left my skin matte - a good make-up base. However after an hour or so it made my skin quite dry and felt like I had a mask on. The next time I used it, I put it on after my usual moisturiser - then it worked a treat. Left my skin looking matte all day! Also, no breakouts as yet...very pleased. Will buy again.

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Kiehls All-Sport 'Non-Freeze' Face Protector SPF 30

Review by hersheyb: I use this for running on cold days. WOW! I love it. It is a very lightweight wax that isn't greasy and doesn't clog pores. It really does help keep the freezing chill off my face, with the added bonus of a sunscreen. I highly recommend this. It is expensive but lasts a long time for me and the results are worth it.

Review by blyss: This is a great sunblock for windy, cold, snowy conditions. I love using this on my face when I'm skiing because it really prevents my skin from chapping and keeps it moisturized, but I don't get greasy.

Review by oneofmylies99: This stuff is great if you live in a really cold place or you ski or snowboard. I snowboard in Colorado so this stuff works very well for me. A bit waxy but effective. It protects me from sunburn and windburn!

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The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Daily Cleansing Wipes

Review by kit_kat68: i've used cleansing wipes in the past to avoid washing my face in the sink. i've used garnier's which were half decent and these.
they're nothing special. they didn't cause me any grief but they certainly didn't prevent or treat my break outs.
i really want to like tea tree oil but something just doesn't do it for me.

Review by SisleyAus: Refreshing, clean and with a "minty" feel. They clean well, and are a very generous size. I love the fresh and clean feeling you get when using it. Great Product!

Review by OutofControl: I like these better than other makeup remover wipes I have tried, but I wouldn't buy them again. I think there are other products out there that are better than wipes for removing makeup. For removing makeup I like using either MAC cleanse-off oil or The Body Shop tea tree foaming face wash.

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