which face skin care is good?3 good face skin cares

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By Fiora

which face skin care is good?Let's see the 3 good face skin cares !


Vichy Thermal Water

Review by tippygirl: First of all Im a huge fan of Vichy's products because they are of excellent quality and it's one of the only skincare line's that work and you can see results. I have been using this water for about 5yrs, after I wash my face at night I spray this "miracle" water all over my neck and face. Its very soothing, moisurizing, leaves my skin smooth and satiny, my skin feels hydrated and soft, this is the one product that I cannot live without. There are so many benefits from this naturally mineral infused water, another excellent product from Vichy.

Review by scrapdoll: I like this product a lot. I use it after claeansing instead of a toner and it instantly calms my skin. It also feels good when I spray it on during a day or after a shower. It instantly gives me a fresh glow so I spray it on up to three times a day! This product will remain in my skin-care routine!! ps It does leak water a little bit when sprayed though!

Review by SisleyAus: I got the travel size in a set with the Nutrilogie 2 moisturiser (which is great by the way) and a travel size cleanser and toner.
I love thermal water. It has helped my skin so much this winter. Nothing else soothes my sensitive skin like it. Before I got this I was using Avene but when I ran out I started using this. I see no difference in the water itself, it's bottle's spray nozzle that is horrible!
At first it sprayed normally. But after a while less and less water would come out until the point where it was no longer a mist and just a tiny jet of water. I don't know if the larger bottles have this problem but I'll be sticking to Avene just in case.

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Unlisted Brand Jojoba Oil

Review by GreeneyedGal: I am currently using the Vitamin Shoppe brand of Jojoba Oil. I really like it as a makeup remover. Cotton balls absorb a lot of it so sometimes I just squeeze some of the oil onto my fingers and rub eye make-up off that way. It also works well as a moisturizer and make up remover if you combine it with your face wash.
I have been experimenting with using it in my hair as well. At first I washed my hair and then put the oil in after and "rinsed". I went to bed and woke up and my hair looked like it was very oily. Now I have figured out that you have to put the jojoba oil on first and wash second. This can be hard to judge sometimes because you may need more shampoo or need a second shampooing. It works very nicely if you put one or two drops in with your daily shampoo. Overall I like it and will continue using it for a variety of things.

Review by bklyncowgirl: Meh. I tried this alone and with my regular moisturizer over the course of three or so weeks, and I'm not wowed. I have normal-dry but sensitive skin, and it neither threw my skin into revolt nor made it look any better. Now I just use it for removing waterproof eye makeup, and I very much prefer it to traditional make-up removers.
Oh, and I tried it on my hair in the shower, and while my hair was very soft, I looked like an otter. A dirty otter minus the cuteness. My fault for applying too much to already-oily hair, I presume. I chose not to go to work looking like a Greenpeace poster, i.e., I had to wash my hair repeatedly to get out the jojobes.

Review by iberian: I can't live without this! I mix a few drops with my moisturizer and it takes care of all dryness and flakiness from my Benzoyl Peroxide acne treatment, and leaves my face glowing. If I put too much on, I can dab with a tissue or just let it soak in, it's great for overnight.
I don't even have to worry about stripping cleansers because jojoba oil takes care of everything, and it hasn't broken me out. Even my Mom had stubborn flakiness around her nose and this took care of it. If you have any dry or flaky skin anywhere, try this!

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Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Night Conditioner

Review by peachy905: I loved this product. It's very moisturizing and the price is resonable. After woke up, my skin would feel so soft and i felt like it's taken all my dewy look away. It's not bad for my skin type (combo);however, i think for those who have oily skin, this product might be a bit too oily. I use this product in the Winter and it works great. I dont have any problem with the packaging since it comes with a small red spoon which i think it's very convenient because Kanebo provides a tag that u can hang your spoon with the bottle and u dont have to worry where to find it. One comment is that i dont like the smell of this cream.

Review by amystar: I've tried many whitening products and none of them give me noticeable result. This is my HG products. I've only used this product only for a week and the result is amazing. My acne scar and dark spot is fading. Usually, my acne scars need 3-5 weeks to fade. Let alone the dark spots, it never fade. I used it every night after my whitening serum and I wake up with fresh and dewy look. I've tried the serum alone for couple of weeks and the result was quite dissapointed. The price of Blanchir Night Conditioner is quite reasonable and the package is also cute. Definitely buy again (just the night conditioner, not the serum) !!!!!

Review by hersheyb: Hight recommened product !!, it has done a nice job brightening my skin tone, (read well, brighten up, not whiten) .. another wonderful benefit is that it tone up my skin and tighten my pores ..
It contains many anti-inflammatory ingredients, so a person with breakout skin will love it cause it will help to prevent and cure your acne problem
The price is very reasonable, quite cheap .. the texture is runny, means can be used for long time ..

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