which face skin care is good?3 effective face skin cares

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By Stella

which face skin care is good?Let's see the 3 effective face skin cares !


Decleor Nutri-Delice Creme Fondante Nourishing Cream

Review by minnielouse: i love everything from nuti-delice range: nourishing cream, ultra nourishing cream and cereal mask. they keep my skin supple during winter time.

Review by Cristy1970: VERY pleasant smell, melts into the skin especially after using the aromessence before hand. VERY moisturizing, not greasy, NOT too thick, but still seems to get the job done as far as hydration for my EXTREMELY dry skin!! My skin looks hydrated, dewy, fresh, and radiant after using these products! I am in love with Decleor!

Review by marsqurine: The problem I had with this product is that it did not moisturize. My skin was sooooo dry and flaky while I used it. Also hot and red. I think I am allergic to it. Also my pores were extremely clogged and I was having obvious issues with them (super-clogged pores that would kind of turn into blackheads, blemishes, etc). Along with the dryness, extremely weird. I am cured now that I stopped using DeCleor.

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Palladio oil absorbing rice paper tissues with rice powder

Review by fuxxy: I guess I am on the other end here. I wasn't impressed with these at all. My skin got very irritated after using this, and I am thinking it's the rice powder. (I got a similar reaction from a rice powder primer I tried). It didnt absorb an oils that I could tell either and was too hard to really mold to my face the way I like. I like face secrets version without the rice powder much better.

Review by kitkat85: I got these yesterday, and so far I used a couple because my face gets very oily.
I really like how these have two sides. I first use the regular side to get rid of oil and the other side with the powder to stay matte.
I don't like how they are large, though. It's like two papers together, and it's just too big. They are also very crunchy and you really have to rub them hard over your skin to absorb the oil.
I prefer the CVS brand ones a lot better, since they are softer, smaller, and absorb oil easier.

Review by jamelia: Albeit paper, the rice powder layered on it helps to absorb oil so perfectly - this rivals the performance of oil blotting sheets (ex. Clean and Clear). Also, the powder is slightly tinted so that while you blot, you are simultaneously powdering your face a bit, which also makes your face look more matte after usage - my skin is super oily like many others here, so this extra boost is really helpful. My face does look more polished and refreshed after blotting with this product. The only complaints that I have is regarding the packaging, which seems a bit flimsy, and the size of the blotting papers, which are a bit small to my liking (well, smaller than the average oil blotting sheets out there).

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Equate Petroleum Jelly

Review by YolandaMC: I use this mainly as a lip balm but it's a really good, dirt cheap make-up remover too! It gets even waterproof stuff off and it doesn't irritate my eyes like a lot of removers do. It makes my lips silky smooth and hydrated. =) And I use it on really dry elbows, knees, etc. For me, however, it does not make a good face moisturizer. It broke me out and gave me really deep, cyst-like zits! The packaging isn't fancy but it's sturdy and doesn't leak. This is my second jar! And it's way cheaper than Vaseline. I'm not saying Vaseline is expensive, I got this one for about 30 cents!

Review by oneofmylies99: This stuff is great. They have so many different brands for basic petroleum jelly and it's all good. I've tried it on my face and it's fine but I think once my face clears up I'll try it again just to see if it works for me or not.
It's not the most moisturizing compared to hand lotions and such, but it's pretty nice and I like it on my lips. I don't find it blocks my pores or anything and it's really healing. Not very fast but if you put it on with hand lotion, it can work double time.
A great buy and it's good for other things too like fixing a squeak on your dresser drawars for one. I hear it also helps remove makeup which is nice. And there are others I just can't remember. You could probably do a search for other uses.

Review by IMAproductwhore: * Equate Petroleum Jelly * i got this at walmart aka wally world for 33 cents each....i got the one that comes in a 2.5 oz squeeze tube ....when all fails to moisturize...this is the BEST!! ok...this is bad but, i nair off that nasty lil peach fuzz on my upper lip but it gets so dry after i rinse that i need extreme moisture to replenish it and plain old lotion just wont cut it...i slather on a thin film of this stuff and leave it on my face for a few hrs...then rinse off with Lancome's gel clarte.....i only have to do this once a week and it beats the pain from waxing or shaving daily

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