which face scrub ranking first?3 recommended face scrub

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By Elena

which face scrub ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended face scrub !


Lancome Aroma Tonic Energizing Body Scrub

Review by cgosyne: I can't say enough about this stuff! It's just so good. The smell is incredible and the texture of the product is divine. Also, it rinses really nicely. The only thing is that it's kinda pricey.

Review by aguskl: I wasnt real inpressed with this. It didnt really smell bad but I have smelled better. The price is also a little high. I'll stick with my NE scrubs.

Review by kimby83: I found this scrub a little too rough for my taste; I thought the grains were too big and hard. I am used to the scrubs from Freeman and Totally Juicy, I guess. It does smell great - a nice citrusy smell - and the scent lingered on my skin all day which was nice. I plan to use the rest of the batch on my feet only til its gone. I guess if you like a citrusy tough body scrub, this is the one for you. :-)

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Natural Esscents Mokka Java Brown Sugar Scrub

Review by Loriwong: One word... Yummy!!!
I *Love* the scent of this scrub!! Smells like a wonderful coffee drink! So comforting and warm, with the chocolate, almond, and coffee scents being in perfect harmony with each other. Scent lingers a bit too!
As with all of NE's sugar scrubs, this is of excellent quality, blended perfectly, and moisturizing, without being too oily.
One of my favorite NE products, ever!!

Review by oopsygirl: I purchased this at the recommendation of MUA girls and it is my new HG along with Coconut Hut's Whipped Sugar Scrub.
I have recently started using this while my conditioner is setting in the shower and it works much better, plus I don't waste any. I just turn the water off, scrub and then rinse. Leaves my skin super soft and this scent is a real pick me up. Just the right mixture of ingredients. So Yummy!!!

Review by kit_kat68: Absolutely scrumptious scent, like rich, dark coffee with a bit of amaretto. Wonderful texture, scrubby but not coarse, moisturizing and inexpensive. Leaves a great scent on your skin afterwards, as well.

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Clarins WHITEPLUS Gentle Refining Exfoliator

Review by mashafromrussia: nice creamy scrub that exfoliates without irritating my dry sensitive skin. I use this on damp skin. the scrubbing particles are very gentle but does the job perfectly. another winner from clarins.

Review by maribebe: An excellent scrub! My skin looks brighter after using this. Leaves my skin smooth without drying it out. Highly recommended!

Review by blyss: Just bought this today finally, but have been using samples of it for months. I almost use this everyday, which I know I shouldnt but it's so gentle I feel I can use it that often.
Even though you can feel the small granules on your face it is the creamiest and most gentle exfoliant I've ever used...even more so than their Gentle Exfoliating Refiner.
It instanly brightens, makes my skin remarkably smooth and soft and is another winner from Clarins. I was using the White Plus Hydrating Brightening Lotion also for a while, and I use (still) the Repairing Brightening Night Cream. My skin's divine! The price for this is terrific...and it does such a great job. Really recommend it.

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