which face scrub is good?3 best-selling face scrub

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By Fiora

which face scrub is good?Let's see the 3 best-selling face scrub !


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub

Review by Farra: i've used a couple of tubes of this product and i really like it. i keep it in the shower and for my skin i can used it daily. the beads are not too harsh. it's a good cleanser and it has 2% salicylic acid so enough to do something (many cleansers/scrubs only contain 0.5%). i like the smell...calming. i will keep using this scrub. i've used more expensive ones by ddf, peter thomas roth and other lines and this is a great value and it works.

Review by runtagua: I normally don't get a lot of acne or blemishes but for some reason last week my face was breaking out badly with cystic acne!! I was freaking out and I was picking a few of them because they were just so gross. They were hurting pretty badly. And so I got this scrub and in about 4 days all of the cystic acne is gone and now I just have small redness where the cysts used to be! I have been using the scrub twice a day. It feels great after I wash my face with it and it has a very subtle and pleasant smell. I am so happy with it!!

Review by kjjamm808: This scrub worked wonders for my skin at first. For about two months I was using it, and it did a great job of controlling my breakouts. I used this scrub with the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Control Toner and 3-in-1 Lotion. They all did what they were supposed to do until about a month ago, when I started breaking out worse than I have in years. I was hoping these products would be it for me, but sadly I am again looking for something to clear up my acne. However, I will say that the scrub does clean skin very well and has a nice smell, it just stopped treating my acne.

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Philosophy empowermint body scrub

Review by nemomemo: I have to say first off that this scrub is not for the faint of heart...it is VERY minty! The first time I used it the cooling sensation was so strong I felt like someone had dumped a bucket of ice cubes over my head and I could not get warm again, even after standing under the hot running water. The second time I did not use it on my chest and stomach area and it did not seem as bad, and if you like a true mint smell, you'll think it smells great. I definately recommend it for mornings when you need a little get up and go...it is VERY invigorating. I made the mistake of using it before bed the first time and lied awake forever not being able to fall asleep it woke me up so much! I really liked the texture of the scrub and think it would also be great on a hot summer day, or as I said, any time you need a little eye opener.

Review by jenss79: This is my first salt scrub. It is definitely a harsher scrub than what I have used before, but it did not irritate my skin and this is the smoothest my skin has ever felt. I love the results! It is very minty and I love mint. If you don't love mint stay away! It does have a surprising cooling sensation that I did not enjoy so much it being winter here right now, but I can see this being a great product after a work out or on a hot summer day. I like the fact that this is a non-oily scrub and does not leave gunk in your bath tub afterwards. This comes in a huge jar and I prefer it over the tubes I have used in the past that are hard to manipulate with wet, slippery hands. Recommended!

Review by ooliedonna: I love this scrub! Yes Philosophy scrubs seem harsh at first but, they make your skin the smoothest it can be, no other scrub comes close. This one is so minty and gorgeous in summer cools your skin down so much, if you shave your legs use this first because it will make the razor glide so easily. I have used the Pure Grace scrub too but, this is my HG!

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Peter Thomas Roth Multi-Action All-In-One Micro-Dermabrasion

Review by dastac: I seldom write reviews for products but I had to rave about this one. The Peter Thomas Roth Multi-Action All-In-One Micro-Dermabrasion really works. I am 23 years old and don't really have acne but I do get these tiny bumps on my forehead and sometimes get pimples on my chin area. My skin is now very even and after using this product for just two weeks. I've been trying to even my skin for over 5 years and this product did the trick after just a few weeks. Also, the smallest bit is enough for your entire face. My skin feels baby soft and is no longer oily. Great product!

Review by kat_25: Wow!!! I bought this hoping it would deliver the results I was searching for and it did, plus more!
My skin has never looked and felt so smooth and even. I have definitely seen a reduction in pore size too...amazing!
This scrub is phenomenal!

Review by clnfox: I really love this scrub. It leaves me with soft, smooth skin. It gave me exactly the results I was looking for. I've got really sensitive skin, and this product is gentle enough for me to use twice weekly. It was very expensive, but leaves my skin baby soft. It also rids me of dry, flaky winter skin.

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