which face moisturizer ranking first?3 top face moisturizers

By Marcella

which face moisturizer ranking first?Let's see the 3 top face moisturizers !


Prada Hydrating Gel Cream

Review by zhenya: I really like this gel cream!! It sinks in and I didn't feel greasy. Since it doesn't come with sunscreen, so I just use it at night. After one night at an air-conditioned room, my face is still hydrated even after my morning cleansing. I have tried many other brands and this really did impressed me. For optimal hydration, you can apply hydrating serum underneath this gel cream. It's amazing :)

Review by bekkbekk1985: I got a sample of this at the Neiman Marcus GWP. The scent reminds me of Estee Lauders Idealist. The texture reminds me of Clinique's Moisture on-line, only not quite as heavy. As others have said though, the monodose packaging is stupid and wasteful. ButI like this gel alot, and I would buy it if it came at a better price!

Review by Lola_Bear: I use this only at night since it?s quite rich. It makes my skin very tight and toned the next morning and does a good job moisturizing. The texture is thick. This cream has a funny scent, but it doesn?t bother me that much. The packaging is so adorable.

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Marcelle Aquarelle Aqua-Matte Hydrating Fluid

Review by biomechmonster: This is a very light moisturizer, best for the summer and not the winter. It does help to keep your face matte, but does not provide a lot of moisture. It also does not make your acne worse, which is a big time bonus. It is oil free and does not contain fragrance or dyes, so it is suitable for someone with sensitive skin. I will continue to buy this for the summer months.

Review by belladoggie00: Wow! I think I have found THE moisturizer that is perfect for my skin (very sensitive/combo). I love the consistency, it feels like water on the skin and absorbs beautifully. It gives me a matte finish, no shine whatsoever and no breakouts! Does a great job at reducing redness thanks to aloe vera, evens out the skin tone and leaves the skin moisturized and feeling great all day long. It also helped reduce my pore size. I will definitely be rebuying this product. It is a tad too light for harsh winters here, but I use a heavy moisturizer at night that helps me out with that issue. This would be perfect for the summer. Awesome product for sensitive skin!

Review by miss_mac: It's perfect for my sensitive/normal/oily skin. I mix a drop of yellow MAC select cover-up in it to tone down my face redness. I tried many expensive moisturizers but I always come back to this one. This is my HG moisturizer.

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Avon Solutions Complete Balance Day Cream SPF 15

Review by KateN: I have been using this for three days now and so far it works wonders. It sinks into the skin and is not greasy at all. I have noticed that the small bumps on my cheeks have went away. If anything changes I will give an update.

Review by minnielouse: Long long time reader, first time poster. But i thought since im such a makeup junkie i should share some advice.
I LOVE this moisturiser, Ive always had a good run with Avon products with my sensitive combo skin, so when this was newly released i had to try it. I find that its keeping my flakey dry skin on my cheeks moisturised, and within a week of regular use my really oily nose and forehead seems to have settled. Ive still been using my usual foundation to see if this new mosituriser helped, and it definitely did. It doesnt mattify as such, but it does help the oily parts not look *that* oily. No breakouts, And the best thing? its not greasy!! (ive always hated how most moisturisers ive tried for sensitive skin are greasy!) And oil-free ones dry my cheeks out, although this is oil free it is on the thicker side. and absorbs quickly. Ill be ordering more!

Review by Alexis: This is a nice day with spf moisturizer, not to heavy not to light, perfect for combo/oily skin. Absorbs quickly without no greasy feeling, does not leave 100% matte my skin but it helps keep in control my oilyness. The consitency is a little more like a lotion and i will prefer that comes in a pump bottle! The spf 15 is low so I switch to the anew rejuvenate day spf25 cuz i need more protection.
Nice overal moist that is not so expensive that do what it claims!

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