which face moisturizer ranking first?3 recommended face moisturizer

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By Christina

which face moisturizer ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended face moisturizer !


Unlisted Brand Carley's Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment Moisturizer

Review by AokiJ: Yuck. I noticed that when I first received the jar of the moisturizer, it wiggled like jello... literally =) I figured that the ingredients might have separated in transmit or whatnot... Fast forward a couple weeks, and the solution in the jar is part "watery stuff" and part "lumpy gel". Um, this is not going on my face, sorry. It just looks nasty. =) I'm not mean, but I'm just being honest! Maybe I got a defective jar...Still, since I paid for it, I use it on my body after the shower, and it works fine for that =)

Review by SisleyAus: For acne prone skin, this product has a bunch of scary sounding oils - but don't let tehm scare you. This stuff is wonderfull and does not clog my pores.

Review by taskeeng: This cleanser is really thick in the container but soaks into your skin really quickly. It left my skin soft and smooth. After 2 weeks, my skin is starting to glow and no new breakouts! I love Carley's!

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Laura Mercier Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Creme Anti Aging Treatment

Review by Olive143: I LOVE this cream and will go buy more tomorrow. I used my jar all up (that NEVER happens) and have tried to use up another Lush cream that I have. But my skin doesn't look as smooth, plumped up and glowing as it does with the Flawless. Sometimes it takes giving up a product to appreciate it. Like the other reviewers, I'm in my late 40s with red, dry, sensitive and reactive skin (rosacea) and have a difficult time finding products that don't irritate my skin further. This has peptides for anti-aging in it as well, and I'm definitely noticing more lines around my eyes having not used this for a few weeks. 95 is kind of pricey, but it lasted about a year using both morning and evening, and my skin loves it. This is great stuff.

Review by miss_mac: Ok, my skin is VERY finicky and I really like this cream. I have sensitive, rosacea-prone, combo skin. I use this mostly at night, but lately I have used a little on my cheeks in the morning since I've been kinda dry lately. It sinks in fast and I've had NO problem putting makeup on over it. The smell is fine, it doesn't make my face red (big problem with most products) hasn't caused any breakouts or rashes and I wake up with smooth glowing skin. It IS expensive at 95 a pop. But I guess there are MORE expensive products out there. I'm about halfway thru my jar and it's been 3 mos. I would like it to come in a more hygenic container, (ie pump or tube) but oh well. I will definitely buy it again. I've tried other high end products like Chanel and Chantecaille, but this cream is the best for my skin type.

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Borghese CuraForte Moisture Intensifier

Review by kerroppifreak: This is not oil-free, but absorbs effortlessly. It contains mineral oils and other essential oils, like geranium. I dunno how a product with quite a few of oils ingredients can absorbs that quickly--probably thats why the price is steep. I like the smell, exactly like Borghese Fango. Dun think it helps in enliven the eye contour area. Fine lines are still there. Very moisturizing. I use it alone, as i feel it is enough.

Review by isabellet: The best facial serum, hands down. I can use this successfully when my skin is ravaged by prescription medications, and when my skin is in it's natural super-oily, cystic state. The results are great, it makes my skin glowy, smooth and hydrated without causing breakouts or irritation. It makes my skin look like a million dollars. I absolutely swear by Curaforte, and I highly recommend it.

Review by runty: This product smells nice and the texture is just right for quick absortion, but it didn't help intensive the moisturizing quality of my normal moisturizer.

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